Season 1 Episode 10 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

Season 1 Episode 10 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

New episodes premiere Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO Max.

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33 Responses

  1. Larva Tuba Show says:

    this show was well done. They listened to the GOT fans and delivered. Round of mf applaud

    • La Rochejaquelein says:

      So Rhaenys does not shy away from trampling thousands of mothers to their deaths with her dragon, but when she is faced with killing Alicent she suddenly folds because of her inner mother??? What the hell, I think Dumb and Doofenschmirtz wrote this episode because it is like Season 8…

    • AutomaticWriting says:

      @Justin Grant Nah. This next episode and everything after will fulfill that “ wOW dRaGoN HaV fIrEmOuTh” want that I’m sure you’re jonesing for. Episodes 1-6 were necessary so you can understand and appreciate the wild shit that ends up happening in the rest of the story. 7-9 were the calm before the storm (Visaerys’ health and death) and everything after that is The Dance of The Dragons.

    • Duvel Fav says:

      @Richard Wulf LOL!!! Dude?!?! You have not read the book. It is very clear that you have not read the book! Why do you write such a comment? Self report?

    • Amantai says:

      @Nazai Sordena fucking dragon killing people inside the Dragonpit is not something like Mushroom’s testimony about the events he wasn’t even present at.

  2. Dolce & Banana says:

    I’m not ready to wait months and months for the next season. HOTD surpassed all expectations. Kudos the whole team

  3. Wiggler says:

    Every single episode I think that was the peak… And still every next episode it is getting better 🔥 this series is a masterpiece

    • Robert Spiller says:

      @joao jervell Nice argumen! Too bad they did not follow the book on this part

    • Edo Fluit says:

      @joao jervell yea but at this point the targaryens are at the top of their strenght you you think the people can win vs the blacks and their dragons?

  4. 00Mindi00 says:

    We’re not even at episode 10 yet BUT THIS SEASON HAS BEEN PERFECT 10/10!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!

    • King Robert says:

      @XChronicHash I like the show it’s good but admit it, it’s nowhere near early GoT dialogue, writing

    • XChronicHash says:

      @JodLad did you reall want the show to end after one season

    • JodLad says:

      Like it for most part other than that ending where Rhaenys could have killed of the greens but flies away. That was some dumb plot armor.

    • František Babica says:

      @XChronicHash Got potrayed the characters, power, and reality far better than hotd. When jamie fights ned the tencion is real and you can feel it. Here it is good but it cannot stand against got.

  5. Jota Studio says:

    I can’t believe they’re gonna finish the season with THAT death. What are they gonna talk about in the next two? I cant wait omg

    • sillylittlesheep Jax says:

      @Richard Villalobos ye they rushing , fanbase doesnt even care abt luke at thee moment bec we dont rly know him

    • Richard Villalobos says:

      In the books the ‘dance’ took almost two or three years of war, so I doubt there will be more time jumps, but to finish season one with THAT, I think season 2 will start right with the plotting of B&C, a little sooner than I expected but still…

  6. Stacia says:

    Rhaenys flew right to Dragonstone and let Rhaenyra and Daemon know what’s up. Didn’t stop at go or nothing. A true ally

  7. Grief Forest says:

    I loved the 8th episode. I thought it couldn’t be topped – the 9th is as good, if not even better. It will be a joy to rewatch the whole season.

  8. Angie says:

    this episode will be the highest peak of the season, i can’t wait for emma to deliver an insane performance bc i have no doubt they will. 🖤

  9. DutchHPfan1992 says:

    That day the whole world understood the Mad King and shouted: BURN THEM ALL! BURN THEM ALL!!!

  10. Acayette says:

    I love Rhaenys. She’s been my favourite since day 1, she doesn’t bow to anyone, she does as she thinks it’s fit. I absolutely love her. The strongest woman of the entire show!

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