Season 1 Launch Trailer | Call of Duty: Warzone & Modern Warfare III

Season 1 Launch Trailer | Call of Duty: Warzone & Modern Warfare III

It’s time to up the ante. Season 1 brings the heat on December 6 🔥

🗺 3 brand-new 6v6 MP Maps
🔫 Gunfight and All or Nothing MP modes return
🧟‍♂️ New Dark Aether Rift in #ModernWarfareZombies
🗺 New Call of Duty #Warzone map Urzikstan
➕Plus so much more

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36 Responses

  1. @CallofDuty says:

    Who’s HYPED for Season 1? 🔥

  2. @chesron456 says:

    I hope the Zombies time limit goes from 45 minutes to at least 1,5 hours. And they need to fix that we lose all our gear in Zombies when the server or game crashes. It’s a huge problem!

    • @Anomaly09201 says:

      idk if they will fix the timer but yes the game crashing causing us to lose our stuff is unforgivable

    • @49HEALTH says:

      Well the whole point of it is that it’s an extraction based mode. You guys don’t seem to understand that this isn’t traditional zombies. You should be asking them to add roundbased instead.

    • @Griza_bella says:

      @@49HEALTH The zombies community HAS been asking for round based and they are adding one in soon. 45 mins as of rn is too short and the only reason why the time limit is there is because of the server issues.

    • @49HEALTH says:

      @@Griza_bella it’s not even 45 minutes. It’s 1 hour. How do people not realize that, lol. 1 hour is plenty of time. Sure I’d like maybe an extra 15 minutes but anything past that is too long. It’s an extraction based mode, not round based where you play for a long time.

    • @Anomaly09201 says:

      @49HEALTH  ik its not traditional zombies and ik its supposed to be a different experience was just saying idk if they will remove the timer. also it kinda feels like outbreak in cw. the crashing should be fixed atleast

  3. @MonteMD says:

    Other than SBMM, I honestly don’t think it’s that bad of a game. Activision still deserves the hate, and it’s definitely hurt cod overall, but Sledgehammer has tried to fix issues for sure

    • @crosswarrior38 says:

      Fr. And infinity ward is limiting what sludge hammer does with mw3 and basically bossing them around, but they’ve still managed to make a super enjoyable multiplayer! Massive respect to sludge hammer, they care more about making the game fun and smooth then anything else which is great. Sbmm isn’t even their fault anyways

    • @kylerobinson6102 says:

      Have they fixed it enough in your opinion to make it worth buying?

    • @kingjames7694 says:

      ​@@crosswarrior38 “sludge hammer” 💀

    • @crosswarrior38 says:

      @@kylerobinson6102 I would say yes. It doesn’t have a ton of crazy new content, but what it lacks in content it makes up for in enjoyable, smooth gameplay. I’ve almost never experienced crashes, lag spikes, bugs ect. on here. MWII had a ton of new content and stuff but it was vary lacking in fun factor because of it. Sludge hammer is deciding to focus on making the game fun for players by actually listening to us and fixing the things we point out. If that means we miss out on content, then I’m fine with that. I’d rather have a fun game with minimal problems that doesn’t have a lot of new content then a game that has all the new content you could want but isn’t fun at all and has a million problems.

    • @crosswarrior38 says:

      @@kylerobinson6102 sorry that was a long one, but those people who say it’s a 70 dollar dlc obviously haven’t played (and btw every cod game is basically a 70 dollar dlc so what’s the problem?)

  4. @PrestigeisKey says:


  5. @storybynick says:

    Looks sweet! Have had a lot of fun so far. The throwing knife at the end against the huge zombie monster 😂

  6. @ryanrar0839 says:

    Nice trailer for a game that is not bad, MP this year is really fun and smooth

  7. @Mobnetwork says:

    So much great content! I’ve enjoyed MWIII and already got Forged on ARs. I can’t wait for what’s to come in Season 1 in both MP and Zombies!

  8. @BajaBear says:

    Dark Aether looks INSANE!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!

    • @cooluxmscool2395 says:

      Reminds me of Black ops Cold war, i cant wait for it too!!

    • @angelothompson186 says:

      Probably the only interesting thing about this update so far

    • @h20delorian says:

      I just hope it’s a playable zone. Obviously you’ll be able to play in it, but the red zone is already extremely hard, so I hope the Dark Aether zone is playable as in it not be obnoxious to play

    • @BajaBear says:

      @@h20delorian I get what you’re saying. Not have to do contracts for majority of the infil to only spend 10-15 minutes in there. Make parts of it how the Threat Level 1 zone is.

    • @cooluxmscool2395 says:

      @@h20delorian If its the Dark Aether zone where Zarkov came into and out, well its red zone, but they need to upgrade time to 1h 30minutes

  9. @stevenalean9205 says:

    Everything shown looks well done and great. The skins look fire and the zombies man? count me in!!!

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