Season 1 Trailer | Overwatch 2

Season 1 Trailer | Overwatch 2

New heroes join the fight and all-new rewards await in Overwatch 2 Season 1.

Learn more about Overwatch’s most rewarding experience to date, including the Season 1 Battle Pass, which offers players 80 tiers of rewards through the season.

As a part of the free track, players can earn and unlock Overwatch 2’s new support hero “Kiriko”, Epic skins, and a collection of new cosmetic items.

For players looking to score more, the Premium Battle Pass offers exclusive perks and rewards, including the all-new Cyber Demon Genji mythic skin, Legendary skins as well as a season-long 20% XP Boost. In addition, Season 1 Premium Battle Pass owners will immediately receive instant access to Overwatch’s latest hero, Kiriko and other amazing cosmetics.

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33 Responses

  1. KarQ says:

    Ngl the art team went incredibly hard. Definitely a tier above what we’re used to. Only fitting for the new title 🔥

    • John-Paul says:

      @Rg.notsss So true. Sigma’s the most intriguing character for me. Love how he’s a science character but would be right at home in Bloodborne!

    • Skeletor says:

      @Łuki lol your whole statement ist just bs. The game is pay to win because you can play a legend you pay for so you gain an advantage over other players

    • PlayOverwatch says:

      Shoutout to the art team! 🎨

    • Miguel Barreiros says:

      @Jona really wanna compare the simplicity of lol champs? Same bs with brawl stars sure they are always adding new characters but they have little to no story or impact in the game whatsoever not to mention are way less complex

    • Rg.notsss says:

      @Jona valorant champs are not at all comparable to ow hero’s that actually take effort to make and have to have a whole backstory

  2. Derknomicon says:

    This all looks amazing, but I would really love to see a dev update for the PvE.

    • Mr. Milkman says:

      @Ghostrick how is pve going to work? Is it going to be fully completed and you have to pay for it or is it in parts that come out each season? I don’t remember what they said last time.

    • Ghostrick says:

      @Derin Eales They’ve already confirmed PvE launches early next year.

    • Derin Eales says:

      well u are gonna have to wait friendy, probably like a year at least. they’ll focus on overwatch pvp for a bit after its reworked before they’ll have time to work on anything else.

  3. STurg03 says:

    Kiriko being immediately available to OW1 players definitely helps to soften the blow a bit, but I still think locking heroes behind the battle pass is scummy. It doesn’t make sense in a game like Overwatch.

    • Hyperhero2 says:

      @Luis Betancourt nope

    • Luis Betancourt says:

      So you won’t have the new heroes unlocked unless you buy the battle pass??

    • Hu Tao Barista says:

      I already imagine how toxic comp is gonna be when the enemy team has Junker Queen and Ana and you still didn’t unlock Kiriko and all your team is flaming you.

    • Tuna And The Things says:

      @pkMist Competitive apparently isn’t available for the first 2 weeks of every new season. Although I feel like just banning the new hero from competitive for the first 2 weeks would make more sense

    • space cowboy says:

      i think the way flats put it is “you pay 60$ for about 1-2 years of content” so that’s more than fair with the current game model. i say this knowing that apex events alone cost about 160$ to 200$.

  4. ScarletScarlet says:

    The artists did a great job creating these skins and what not, let’s see how much the business people make us grind/pay for it.

  5. Star Blue says:

    Incredible skins and content! I’m so hyped. Overwatch is (almost) my entirely teenage!

  6. Renji Abarai says:

    I hope we can get some more information regarding the Battle Pass and costs for stuff prior to October 4! All of this looks awesome but i can’t help but think how all of it is placed behind a price tag now.

    • KnightSky says:

      @Dovahfruit because thats the ow community lul they get mad regardless of what Blizz and the devs do like now most of the people complaining about it happen to be the same people who have been asking Blizz to drop loot boxes and implement a battle pass like fortnite

    • Hyperhero2 says:

      @Paul Bartlett “a few hours of quick play” you’re dreaming mate

    • Jon Wicked says:

      @w00tyd00d you just want new hero so you can hard feed on them 💀

    • Ahdok says:

      @Milkshake Guru They’re 55 tiers into the battle pass, you’ll have to play a couple hundred games in 2 weeks to have them (without having time to practice them) when they drop in ranked. Or you could pony up the cash and get them the day the season starts.

    • Ryan Swift says:

      @P T it’s 1000 credits for the premium battle pass which is $10

  7. Raoul D'Arkast says:

    Dang there’s actually a lot of good stuff, I’m looking forward to try it out 👌

  8. TruNoom says:

    so HYPED BRO!!!

  9. Michael G says:

    The skins look incredible as always.

  10. CrazyDolphinJC says:

    I love it and would still get the battle pass for the cosmetics but having the hero there or that far into the battle pass isn’t that fun for others.

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