Season 2022 Opening Day | Full Livestream – League of Legends

Season 2022 Opening Day | Full Livestream – League of Legends

A new journey approaches. Welcome to Season 2022. Here’s a first look at the upcoming year across League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Esports.

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34 Responses

  1. Meeksa Mooska Mickey Mouse says:

    I hope we see Braum shows up with his shield from Ornn

  2. wzzp855 says:

    So nice to see everyone is hyped at the start of the season, let’s see if it stays like this the whole year 😂. (cuz no one gets tilted in ranked right)

  3. Psalm One says:

    Good luck everyone! So hyped for the new season.

  4. TheHighGround Himself says:

    Rito after showing Ornn in the opening shot:

    “That is enough for the Ornn players this year”

  5. Coffee Holic says:

    Pretty excited about the “dark enchanter” support. The last support that had a chaotic alignment was Pyke.
    Also hoping that the weird violet empress thingy is something from the Void, but not similar to Kai’sa.

  6. Gray _ says:

    Cool. As someone who’s just been playing ARAM/Gamemodes, the challenges are a great motivation to keep playing without having to try hard too much and just chill in games.

  7. SelLk YJ says:

    Definitivamente mis expectativas se elevaron demasiado,as animaciones del vídeo fueron increíbles, espero que esta temporada todos podamos jugar correctamente!! Gracias al equipo por esto

  8. Lykanokami says:

    26:02 I think it’s Setaka ! Way before Azir and the Darkins, she ruled Shurima and she died against the void during the Battle of Icathia. We can see her in the cinematic The Call at the beginning (00:29)

  9. Z says:

    Id really like to see a male enchanter thats just not a second tank or assassin and is a literal enchanter like the role name suggests but still hyped for the new support

  10. LennXDy Buhrke says:

    Everyone: Fighting to their last breath

    Ornn: reliving his splash Art

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