Season 2023 | LoL Pls – League of Legends

Season 2023 | LoL Pls – League of Legends

Welcome to Season 2023. Riot Brightmoon shares an update on skins and thematics, Riot Auberaun talks about changes to Ranked, and Riot Lexical gives a sneak peak at some upcoming champions.

00:09 – Introduction
00:56 – Preseason Recap
02:32 – Ahri ASU
02:56 – Skins & Thematics
04:03 – Ranked
04:39 – Mid-Year Ranked Reset
06:25 – Ranked Rewards
07:20 – Champions
08:09 – Aurelion Sol CGU
09:32 – Milio
10:22 – Naafiri
11:29 – Skarner VGU
11:56 – Future Champions
12:13 – Outro
12:20 – Language Selector

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35 Responses

  1. LilyLaya says:

    I’d honestly hoped we would have more news for upcoming ASUs, or in the very least some indication that they’ll be ramping them up. Ahri was delayed until this year, and if the current pace keeps up, champions like Zilean, Malphite, and Vladimir are still going to look like PS2 characters in 2040.

  2. TimeBucks says:

    Thank you for including Yorick in your video!

  3. Mohamed Ali AMAHJOUR says:

    I love the part when they talked about new game modes

    • FieeTuber says:

      @DKey that’s a shallow argument when you think about why players return in the first place. You can’t find League’s core gameplay and mechanics elsewhere. Nor characters (unless we talk about blatant copyright abusing games which Mobile Legends used to be)

      And just finding a new game is not gonna be an option for a lot of people. People like myself don’t want to get out of that comfort zone of playing and/or learning a new game. Its not that easy as you say it is

    • Shin Truth says:

      Imagine evolving your 12 years old game with new gamemodes, that would be crazy, impossible !

    • chillmadude says:

      @gardenAgnostic413 highly disagree, game was actually enjoyable back when they made other game modes, and id argue that the other game modes is one of the reasons it was enjoyable

    • gardenAgnostic413 says:

      dont need them

  4. Kacperro says:

    please add more limited time gamemodes, and maybe some seasonal map changes for example winter map or even maybe every season the theme of the map would change, it would be much better than seing the old rift over and over again, and for the gamemode’s i really woudl love to see a pve one, and to make it more replayable so players dont drop it a day after it comes out just add the rouglike elements just like they are in tft

  5. Gvidukas says:

    my favourite change is the bait ping, it really brings what i want to communicate to my teammates without needing to type it to them, thank you riot games.

    • gamerfreak1995 says:

      Bait pings are the only great ting this seaon

    • xGvPTVx says:

      @FieeTuber before this system I had a rando use enemy has vision ping to indicate essentially “ward here” for our team rather than to use sweeper or anything specific to enemy has vision. What an odd fellow. It was a lost game to remember.

    • FieeTuber says:

      people seem to love using missing ping for its intended use as well.

      Oh, and perfectly timed caution/warning pings.

      Or how people say they will come to lane, but never do.

      Man, the ping system is just PERFECT.

    • FyreWanderer says:

      I actually use it haha

  6. 13LightFall says:

    I would like to thank Lexi for not sounding as though she’s giving a book report that she wasn’t prepared for

  7. Kano Misogi says:

    Fire healer makes me think of some reverse burn effect. Where he heals allies over time, increasing their health Regen and maybe other stats for a period of time.

  8. nikesshoes2011 says:

    as a very casual player, i would enjoy 3v3 coming back or an alternate mode compared to 5v5 and aram.

    • GatorGold says:

      As a less casual player, I would also enjoy 3v3 coming back or an alternative mode compared to 5v5 and aram.

  9. Maple Dryad says:

    The art for that jungler makes me think August finally got to make that Vampire he dreamed of.

  10. stankorplank says:

    Really shows what riot thinks we care about when they say “best of luck with your climb” and not something like “Good luck, have fun”

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