Season 3 Trailer | Overwatch 2

Season 3 Trailer | Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Season 3 arrives February 7!

Experience an all-new Battle Pass with more ways to earn rewards, including legendary and mythic skins inspired by Asian mythology.

Bundle up as you make your way through Antarctic Peninsula, a New Control map.

Earn in game credits as free rewards, just by playing.

Battle through one-of-a-kind limited time modes and experience seasonal events.

Overwatch 2 x One-Punch Man 👊

Overwatch 2 is free to play for everyone on console & PC!

©ONE, Yusuke Murata/SHUEISHA, Hero Association HQ

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37 Responses

  1. BargainBinBadGuy says:

    One punch man doomfist was not expected but is absolutely perfect

  2. Lefty Kouts says:

    Even though the game might not feel good at times (this season is already a step in the right direction), the design team NEVER fails to surprise me. These skins are sick! (speaking as a Hanzo main, I need that cupid one)

  3. Illegal Pizza says:

    I love to see blizzard learn from their mistakes. The comments this time around are optimistic! I was not expecting a crossover this soon, but so happy that it is. Season 3 will be best season yet!

  4. V-MEKKA says:

    Let’s hope this opens the door for future collaborations for other characters

  5. Keerby says:

    i hope the skins got some special voice lines just like old times

  6. Георгий Сытов says:

    They actually made a Onepunchman skin. I don’t always agree with OW devs, but the art direction and skins are always stellar.

  7. Samuel Waggoner says:

    Can’t sing OW team’s praises high enough for season 3. The restoration of many OW1 systems and designs, as well as some of these incredible skins, is awesome.

  8. Spicy Boi says:

    Wow. I hope the future seasons make me as hyped as this one has me right now.

  9. Angzarr Psyco says:

    One Punch Fist is absolutely perfect!

    Wish there were some more sigma skins but this looks sick nonetheless!!

  10. Jonathan Bebop says:

    Such good skins 🙌🏻🔥

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