Season 6 Official Trailer: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Season 6 Official Trailer: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

We’re back to do…whatever it is that we do. Last Week Tonight returns Sunday, February 17th at 11PM on HBO.

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71 Responses

  1. Abheer Mehrotra says:

    “Insufferable douche bag”- Ben Shapiro. This ability to take a joke is amazing.

  2. Ciara Bradley says:

    A wee rat face.
    I’m in tears ?

  3. alicia azhocar says:

    YESSSSSSS!!! I need you to cure my depression!!!!

  4. Jack Dunn says:

    The only thing I’m mad about…. is you’re not coming back sooner.

  5. Old Red Sled says:

    Mr. Oliver, you, sir, are a gift to humanity.

  6. DavidW says:

    The most captivating thing hbo ever produced

  7. Mukshin Shakur says:

    when you have an infinite amount of dragon money you can do whatever you want

  8. Citzby says:

    “Insufferable douchebag” – Ben Shapiro
    Nice review you got there, John

    • sirdeadlock says:

      Whether or not the statement is valid, Ben Shapiro is a bad man whom I wouldn’t want guiding my opinions on civil society.

    • Serai3 says:

      Something to be proud of, indeed!

    • Guy VanBuren says:

      This shit isn’t cancelled yet? So sick of the fake laugh track

    • Serai3 says:

      A. There’s no fake laugh track. It has a live studio audience. B. It’s highly unlikely that HBO would cancel a show with an enthusiastic following of millions of people every week. C. Why the fuck are you watching it if you hate it? Masochist much?

    • TUES says:

      Yeah it’s a medal of Honor to be called that which means John speaks the truth and the truth is hard to hear. So suck it Ben! We got him!!

  9. ozeppeo says:

    Just promise that you won’t do any fortnite dances…

    • Alex Carter says:

      John probably doesn’t know about the hate surrounding YouTube rewind so could y’all Please Please Stop Talking About It

    • Michael says:

      +Alex Carter He has to never do it again. In fact he should apologise.

    • Asha Rahiro says:

      Well about that… I can totally imagine this going like:
      YT: we need you to do this funny dance that people love
      JO: Oh, so this is what keeps kids entertained these days… Hell yeah I’ll do it!
      (Plot twist, kids did not love that)

    • OriginalPiMan says:

      What if instead he does the dances other people did, that just happen to be the ones Epic Games stole for Fortnite?

    • rejvaik says:

      Where does this hate of fortnight dancing come from? I’m considered old by the kids’ standards these days

  10. Adi says:

    We needed this so much!

  11. Chino Wantan says:

    You beautiful toucan 😀

    Ps. #GoGetThoseGeckos

  12. supershinigami1 says:

    Game of Thrones doesn’t stand a chance now.

    • Serai3 says:

      They’re on the same channel, dude, so they’re not going to be competing.

    • supershinigami1 says:

      +Serai3 Oh no really? Are you serous? I didn’t know that…
      Also I do believe that 2 programms on the same channel can compete too

    • Serai3 says:

      Well, they’re not going to be competing for viewers. Since they’re on the same channel (HBO), it’s impossible for them to be on at the same time. Thus, no competition for viewers. Maybe for awards, but these are two completely different programs, so they wouldn’t be up for the same awards. And since GoT is ending, there’s no competing for money, so I really don’t see how they could be in competition.

    • supershinigami1 says:

      +Serai3 Alright dude. You’re right. I mean I posted that as a joke originally but fine I guess.
      Also, thank God Game of Thrones is ending.

    • CoolGreen Bug says:

      +taraluna01 It would have been changed to all that Oliver money
      But he keeps spending it

  13. Anne Kautzi says:

    YES!! Lead us through these dark times, Supreme Rat-Faced Bastard!!!

  14. Dhruv Bhutani says:

    Oh you wonderful Harry Potter’s reflection on a doorknob

  15. Jexxer says:

    Out of all the quotes, Cher affectionately calling him “wee rat face” is given center screen.

  16. Randy says:

    God knew this year has been basic and boring and he gave us John back -Amen

  17. xlxDxlx says:

    That burn by Stephen Hawking must still sting a little. Can’t wait for your return.

  18. TheBaconBuizel says:

    So kind of Ben Shapiro to review your show.

  19. Jeremiah Dalton says:

    Wee Rat Face – Cher
    Insufferable Douchebag – Ben Sharpio
    Makes People Dumb – WSJ

    Such glowing recommendations…. ?

  20. AX System says:

    90% of new season budget will be spent on buying stuff in Ebay.

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