Season 6 Returns | Rick and Morty | adult swim

Season 6 Returns | Rick and Morty | adult swim

Rick and Morty returns for more action-packed multidimensional adventures. Rick and Morty season 6 returns Nov 20. Stream seasons 1-5 now on HBO Max:

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Season 6 Returns | Rick and Morty | adult swim

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48 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    I hope this never ends! Here’s to the next 1000 years with Rick and Morty forever

  2. explorer47422 says:

    Dr Wong has genuinely been my favourite breakout character, glad to see her back, she’s one to regularly put Rick in his place with such a calming demeanour and dry humour.

  3. Mystery Junkie says:

    Glad the Therapist is back. She was one of the few who literally defeated Rick with her words. He just sat there absolutely speechless at how she destroyed his whole philosophy

  4. Mobin Noori says:

    100 years of rick and morty

  5. jeffy paul sml says:

    This season is pretty good I’m. Excited to see more episodes let’s go!🔥

    • The1TheOnlyG2 says:

      Bethic Twinstinct was selfcest, which is different. Only episode to tease incest was Final Desmithsation, and it was treated as a horrible thing Jerry never wanted.

    • The Audacity Channel says:

      Yeah! This season got Incest right

    • Astro copjr8 says:

      @0xInternal who cares bro, the show is meant to be wild

    • God of Dreamzzz says:

      @0xInternal it’s not just this season there’s a lot in former seasons too. I wish they’d just stop w the incest stuff. It’s not really edgy just gross and tasteless

    • Tommy Diaz-Millan says:

      I’d rather not watch that having Jerry almost having sex with his mother. That still makes wanna throw up.

  6. Fletcher Whitehead says:

    Can’t wait for more of rick and mort

  7. Emma Dictator says:

    Look at Rick going to Therapy. True character growth right there

  8. Peppy Robo says:

    This season has been an amazing return to form and I’m very very happy so far

  9. Qin Shi Huang says:

    YEEEEESSSSSS season 6 till now was a absolute blast cant wait for more hopefully jerry will keep glowing up in this season

    • Qin Shi Huang says:

      @Megamax and this maybe is a small one more most people but when rick screwed up reseting the portal fluid and they hopped back to their original universes jerry himself figured out why he isn’t in his orginal universe normally he gets some help from someone to figure out this stuff but there he did it all by himself

    • Megamax says:

      When I first watched the dinosaur episode I thought it was revealing potential in Jerry at first, until I realized the Dinosaurs publishing his book “Never Trying Never Fails” was one of the biggest self owns Jerry has ever done.

  10. kookou13 says:

    Well it was nice to have jerry in the spotlight while it lasted.

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