Season 7 Episode 3 Breakdown! (Game of Thrones)

Season 7 Episode 3 Breakdown! (Game of Thrones)

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20 Responses

  1. badman 223 says:

    cersi was the only 1 who bend the knee this episode😂😂

  2. Luc Bequette says:

    Lannisters are fucking up Daenerys and I fucking hate it

  3. MisterHellcat says:

    But can Ned finally give us back our homes, and restore our dead to life?

  4. Katya Reyes says:

    Sansa: *hugs Bran*

    Bran: 😐

  5. Yessenia Gonzalez says:

    Wait cousin? I thought Daenerys was his aunt, since she’s Rhaeger’s sister.

  6. Aditya J says:

    Varys is working on a secret agenda for sure. He and his Spy network is so slow? really? His conversation with red woman kind of confirms he still has not revealed himself.

  7. Bidushi Pyakurel says:

    This is Jon Snow. (Long ass pause) He’s the King in the North.
    One of the funniest things ever. 😂😂

  8. Katya Reyes says:

    Bran: I’m the Three Eyed Raven

    Sansa: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    On a serious note, I can’t wait for Arya and Jon to get back to Winterfell.

  9. I am not The Walrus says:

    Sansa leaving Bran like
    ”Oh god, he is a weirdo now”


    Olenna died like a boss 🙌🙌🙌❤️

  11. Jorge Harrington says:

    I feel like Sam is George R R Martin in the story

  12. A man has no name says:

    Sansa: what do you mean by the three eyed raven?
    Bran: You were beautiful that day in your white wedding dress when you were raped…….
    Sansa: 😢

  13. Ninad khare says:

    Daenerys gets too comfortable thinking she is the rightful ruler, she is slowly starting to think just like viserys and she might die !

  14. Zach The Ripper says:

    Do you think someone is spying on Dany? Euron keeps ending up in the right place at the right time. Jamie knew the Unsullied would take the Rock. Euron was there to burn the fleet. I know Yara and the snakes could have talked when captured but it still doesn’t explain how Euron intercepted Yara ferrying the Dornish. Maybe that was a stroke of luck but the 7 kingdoms is a huge place. Maybe Tyrion is just getting outsmarted. My first thought is Varys but as we know it’s never what it seems with GOT.

  15. Jose anguiano says:

    Bran to Jon hey your father is actually your biological uncle and his best friend killed your biological father. In addition, the daughter of the dude who killed your uncle is actually your aunt. Also that same dude is actually your grandpa. My dad’s best friend wanted to kill your aunt and indirectly also wanted to kill you. Also we are cousins.

  16. Stefan Schimpf says:

    it fucking annoys me how euron time travels everywhere. He traveled from kings landing to daenerys’ greyjoy fleet and destroys those, travels back to kings landing, then to casterly rock and arrives right after the unsullied take the castle, when the unsullied left dragon stone the same time as the greyjoy fleet! Euron time traveling is fucking brutal.

  17. Nkosilathi Sibanda says:

    Sansa: Nice to see you Bran
    Bran: You looked pretty when you got raped

  18. Kshitij Gupta says:

    Jaeherys ‘Jon’ Targaryen.
    Second of his Name.
    King in the North and King of Wildlings.
    Lord Commander of Night’s Watch.
    and “Knower of Nothing.”

  19. Matt Gordon says:

    Can we point out the fact that Jon is talking to Tyrion about how they’re bastards and he says “I’m not a Stark-” right as a dragon flies through the scene??? literally (fore)shadowing this info lol

  20. Action D wst says:

    Dany: “I was born to rule”
    You had two older brothers…

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