Season 7 Episode 4 Breakdown! (Game of Thrones)

Season 7 Episode 4 Breakdown! (Game of Thrones)

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20 Responses

  1. Buffi Rice says:

    Aryas a badass and Sansa doesnt seem pleased

  2. Ben Simon says:

    Who else had chills when Dany showed up on Drogon from the sky ?

  3. The Bastard of Winterfell says:

    By far the most exciting episode to me. I was on the edge of my seat the entire battle and I was truly terrified that Bronn was gonna eat it

  4. Team Kill says:

    Season 5, Episode 1:
    Jon Snow (to Mance Rayder): “Isn’t their [the Wildlings’] survival more important than your pride?”
    Season 7, Episode 4:
    Daenerys Targaryen (to Jon Snow): “Isn’t their [the people of the North’s] survival more important than your pride?”

  5. gautham haressh says:

    Guess What : Gendry is still rowing the damn boat

  6. gary vaughn says:

    That statement Bran made to Little Finger. “Chaos is a ladder.” Isn’t that something Little Finger said to Varys?

  7. Splendid Beastie says:

    Like bronn so much I was legit rooting for him to kill drogon

  8. volcomsnowdave says:

    I was expecting them to hookup in the cave

  9. Neil Buac says:

    lazy breakdown

  10. Jennerys Targaryen says:

    Who saved Jaime? Bronn? Dickon?

  11. Hữu Phước Lê says:

    Bran’s gonna discover what podrick did to those girls

  12. Woogy Wips says:

    My absolutely biggest takeaway is that the writers have no clue how to set up and deliver military engagements without suspending all laws of common sense since now not only can Euron’s unstoppable fleet magically appear out of thin air in no time and travel thousands of miles in no time, now Dany’s fleet can do the same and her army can ride faster than light too.

    Beyond all that though, my biggest takeaway from this whole season so far is that I don’t care. Whatever ineptitude the writers have shown since they’ve left GRRM’s work for their own, the buildup to these amazing moments has done its job and so far this season, they have done a fantastic job with these moments. Yeah, each one has things we can nit pick about (and plot holes Drogon can fly through in some cases), but I’m all in on seeing the Stark reunions, Dany and Jon meeting, Tyrion watching his queen wipe out his house’s men and almost his brother and best bud, and on and on.

    I’ll save the theorizing for after this season is done cuz right now I’m too busy just basking in the glory of finally seeing all the things I’ve been hoping for since the beginning!

  13. InsanoRacing says:

    I hate myself for wanting the Lannister’s to win, but Jaime and Bronn were there and they are two of my favorite characters (Jon Snow will always be #1 tho)

  14. N3GAT0RY says:

    I interpreted the Raven to mean that Bran will eventually lead to Little Finger’s death. I’m sure he’s already aware of Little Finger’s backstabery and fuckery.

  15. Aditya Verma says:

    Is it just me or are the stark siblings reunion is kind of underwhelming this season. I was really hoping that everyone will be happy at least a little that they are finally together. But somehow it feels everyone looks at each other with a slightly suspicious eye. As if they don’t trust each other fully yet. Maybe they never did to begin with. But I feel they will have to in order to win the war thats coming.

  16. Rafid Haque says:

    wasn’t that Bronn of the Blackwatar, who jumped to save Jaime Lannister at the last scene?

  17. Austin Young says:

    Omg this episode was so intense!! I didn’t want Dany, Jaime or Bronn to die until bronn shot drogon then I was like ok bye Bronn

  18. Ankit Sati says:

    Robert baratheon-“only a fool will combat dothrakie in a open field”

  19. ashli moore says:

    “I noticed you staring at her good heart” — Davos was all kinds of sassy this episode 😂😂

  20. The Calvin Show says:

    I wanted them to do something in that cave…at least like kiss or something!😂

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