SEC Championship 2018: Jalen Hurts Leads Alabama to Comeback Win

SEC Championship 2018: Jalen Hurts Leads Alabama to Comeback Win

Down late to Georgia, with Tua Tagovailoa hurt, the Crimson Tide turned to Jalen Hurts, who stepped in and led two clutch touchdown drives en route to winning the SEC Championship.


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80 Responses

  1. it's your girl yaz says:

    What a come back for Jalen Hurts good game and ROLL TIDE ROLL

  2. Spidey7747 says:

    Jalen Hurts is an example of when you have faith through thick and thin even when everything seems hopeless, you’re faith will be rewarded.

    • Robertjr82 says:

      Ennis Whalen Why do people like you have to make it personal? It has zero to do with not liking either one of them. It has to do with who is the better quarterback. Tua is by far the better qb. So if that offends you then go to your safe space and cry about it but don’t try and tell me that “i don’t like jalen” when I do.

    • Samantha Eaton says:

      +Robertjr82 WHATEVER. But Which QB WON The GAME😂😜😂😜😂😜😂😜😂😍😂😜😂😍😂

    • smooth_concrete says:

      +kr7437a Not even worth trying to explain it to them.

    • Grandma GlowB says:

      Jalen HURTS = WINNER… not whiner. GLORY BE TO GOD.

    • Robertjr82 says:

      Samantha Eaton Jalen did but he’s not the better qb.

  3. originaldelta says:

    Georgia fans have left the chat.

  4. Tyla Loves To Sing says:

    I just don’t get how he can still play wit a bad knee and a bad ankle. Man, that’s commitment

  5. L says:

    They lost in the same way except in reverse!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. ucfkid67 says:

    Much props for Jalen. Class act man.

  7. summer says:

    Excited this kid got another chance. I envy his faith. Stay humble and all the success to him going forward.

  8. J H says:

    Tua hurt and Jalen weeks off surgery lolol what a couple of bosses

    • Darius Bostic says:

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    • Ryan Kuykendall says:

      Well said J H, well said

    • Ryan Kuykendall says:

      And Darius Bostic, I have accepted all these things about Christ and I respect that you are sharing his glory. When I mean I accepted those I mean I’ve done that before

    • Jake Collins says:

      And be baptized 🙂

  9. richard escobar says:

    Georgia blew a 28-14 lead.😭😭
    I just can’t trust these
    georgia/falcons teams no more.😔

  10. Patrick says:

    I like the defensive pedigree of these Saban led teams. You gotta respect that toughness.

    • clifford yawn says:

      Yeah Pat but Alabamas defense really struggled in the first half.

    • Chief Earnest says:

      Sometimes teams come in with a plan of how they’ll play against another team and it diesn’t work. Their defense didn’t play well in the first half but made adjustments and only gave up 7 points after halftime.

    • Jeff -66 says:

      Bama’s D really came alive in the 2nd half, especially 4th quarter. No quit in these guys.

  11. Patrick says:

    I’m glad Alabama won because it cements the fact that Georgias National Championship loss was not a fluke.

  12. wil kalani says:

    The relationship between Tua & Jalen is the reason they work well together, no hard feelings just 2 teammates with 1 goal ! CHAMPIONSHIP BABY #RollTide

  13. SabbathFan4Life316 says:

    Another Georgia team chokes, in other news water is wet.

  14. Baws Hawg says:

    If you find yourself having the urge to say “Jalen Hurts isn’t a good quarterback” or “Hurts can’t throw”, now you can remember this night (and all the other nights where he’s been spectacular) and stop yourself.

    • Danny Davidson says:

      Coming from a buckeyes fan he did great, hats off to him

    • Higher Frequencies says:

      Jalen is an excellent QB. Tua is great as well but his down fall is his injuries which limit his ability to run. He has wore a knee brace all season. Knee injuries take a long time to heal especially when they are still getting ruffled up. All in all, they both very good quarterbacks.

    • Robertjr82 says:

      Baws Hawg People making this imaginary controversy about people hating on jalen need to stfu. Nobody hates jalen but we do want the better qb as starter and if you call me a hater for that then you can go fuck yourself.

    • Krimson Haze says:

      +Higher Frequencies I agree. Hurts is a great QB, but Tua is a once in a generation talent when 100% healthy… I just hope that knee and ankle get better and he doesnt become one of those people we talk about , “He COULD have been great if it wasn’t for injuries.” And ASAP, please quit running Tua on QB sneaks with a bad knee when Bama needs short yardage.

    • Blake Wilson says:

      Tua once in a lifetime…you crazy

  15. Ryan Prentiss says:

    Jalen’s story will be the next Hollywood sports inspiration flick.

  16. RedElephantStampede says:

    Roll Tide thank God for Jalen Hurts!

  17. okolekahuna says:

    I’m from Hawai’i, so of course I will always support our boys. But I couldn’t be happier for Jalen Hurts and his perseverance. ROLL TIDE!!!

  18. Jetpack Disaster says:

    I can’t believe some of you people! You call yourselves Alabama fans, and yet, when the going gets tough, when a player has an off game, you turn into some of the whiniest, most insufferable people on the Internet. Get a grip. Tua is not overrated. This win was not a fluke. Georgia is a really good team and they put together a great game plan, and it just wasn’t Tua’s night. Bama did what was necessary to pull out the win. That’s it.

  19. Jetpack Disaster says:

    On a positive note, the way Jalen conducts himself both on the field and off speaks volumes of his character. He and Tua have one of the best relationships as far as teammates go, and I’m so proud of both of them for everything they’ve done for the program.

  20. Parker Andrews says:

    Gotta admit Georgia played a hell of a game, and that was one of the toughest, most agile, and fastest teams I’ve ever seen play. Kudos to the dawgs.

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