SEC Shorts – Alabama and Georgia get sent to the principal’s office

SEC Shorts – Alabama and Georgia get sent to the principal’s office

The Tide and the Bulldogs showed no mercy to their top ranked opponents this past weekend. Even though these games were billed as huge match ups, Alabama and Georgia rolled to easy victories. Now they have to go face their next opponent, the SEC principal who is not happy with the reports of bullying he has been getting.

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47 Responses

  1. Hunting Life says:

    “Missing Matt corrals heisman “ just hurts me 😭

  2. Ty Roland says:

    “And you do that to them?”
    “In our defense, we do that to everybody.”

    • Justin Shirley says:

      @Jordan Davis one in 1942, one in 1980. Every 40 years or so. We are due for one 🤷‍♂️

    • Justin Shirley says:

      @marcus lewis the same can be said for Georgia. Georgia has the talent to match Bama and the ability to out coach Nick.

    • MJS says:

      @Kenneth Wagster and it’s true every season. For everybody. The past doesn’t matter in sports. This season is what’s important.

    • marcus lewis says:

      @Justin Shirley I agree with ga having the talent. Past games against bama have shown the bulldogs tendency for a coaching short falls against Saban. But if ga wins I would not be surprised.

    • Kenneth Wagster says:

      @MJS ask any bama fan if the past matters. Lol. They’ll tell you about every title bama has won

  3. Nick Alfidi says:

    As a Georgia fan, no matter how well we play, I will continue to pepper spray hope until I actually see us go all the way. But, boy is our defense incredible.

  4. Dam says:

    Georgia is scary as hell, think Alabama has got some real competition this time.

    • shane bailey says:

      @Carson Wood Ole Miss does have a good offense. But you played there starters. Georgia hasn’t played all their starters yet. Not saying our starting offense will be better than Ole Miss either just saying our offense hasn’t reached its potential. Olso saying you gave up 14 to Mercer because you had in 2nd string doesn’t matter. We been playing second and 3rd string all year almost on offense. Could you have scored more and shut them out had you not taken out 1st string. Absolutely but we could have put up a ton of points more with a healthy offense. We also put in 2nd and 3rd string defense against each team but Clemson and our defense have still given up only 15 points total.. Going to be a good game buddy.

    • shane bailey says:

      @ez money yeah JT ain’t running at all. He will take a 20 yard sack rather than jog to the side and throw it away.

    • Javier Zavala says:

      @david burke lmao and y’all almost lost to Clemson and Clemson is ass this year they done lost twice and one to a cupcake team i wouldn’t get cocky either we hear the same shit every year by December y’all will be hiding and no where to be found like always 🐘🐘🐘

    • Javier Zavala says:

      @shane bailey lmao yeah get owned like the last 6 meetings we won actually Alabama owns Georgia 🐘

    • Javier Zavala says:

      @Adrian Marlow lmao like the last 6 meetings and u talking about twice 🤡

  5. HeyItsEvan says:

    The best part of Monday morning is SEC Shorts in your feed

    • lilwill6985 says:

      There is only 2 feeds I eagerly wait for every week… this and Tree’s week in Sportsball. Best content on YT… hands down.

    • Andrew says:

      @lilwill6985 Being The Elite is another channel I thoroughly enjoy. It helps if you’re a wrestling fan though.

  6. Emory Daniel says:

    In our defense, we do that to everybody…

    ah… clever little double meaning there, UGA. Well played.

  7. Don't try this at home. says:

    As a Arkansas fan got to love these shorts even when they are not in your favor.

    • Vegas Arkie says:

      One of my favorites from these guys was the Arkansas Fan GPS video. Brilliant.
      “Calculating route to nearest trauma center”

    • s blagg says:

      @Jason Richardson That’s my take. Did not expect that. “Destruction of national media narratives” says it all.

    • Dr. Awesome says:

      Gator tears here. 🙂

    • Khazzeron Bloodmoore says:

      @K T Second best in the West will be decided next Sat. TBH I was more impressed with Ole Miss, at least they scored points against Bama, but going by the eye test, It’s GA and Bama and then the rest of the country way behind. Even that said…after GA whooped us…I feel GA is a step ahead of even Bama. This may be the best defense in CF history….2011 Bama, 92′ Bama….and a distance behind them 81′ Clemson. I just don’t see Bama racking up yards rushing on GA, which means they would have to pass, and I just don’t think they can do it with the pass alone all game, and keep their QB clean.

    • Charles Doyle says:

      @Khazzeron Bloodmoore When Georgia does to a team what Bama did to Miami in 92 then you can say that. Bama that game broke Toretta. Teague chased down at the time one of the fastest players in cfb in Lamar Thomas

  8. K V says:

    Keep the actor playing Georgia. He’s good. Also, build the story line of their friendship only to have it come to blows when UGA and BAMA go up against each other at the end of the season.

  9. someone says:

    “in our defense, we do that to everybody”
    clever I’m not gonna lie

  10. Andrew Beck says:

    “You can go on back to class”

    As a Wildcat fan, I agree. that’s on the nose.

    • Roger Angel says:

      The combination of Kentucky’s arrogance when he sat down, the principal’s “are you kidding me” response, and Kentucky’s dejection as he stood back up made me snort hot coffee through my nose. It hurt.

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