SEC Shorts – Arkansas moves out of the FBS basement

SEC Shorts – Arkansas moves out of the FBS basement

Not even the most optimistic of Arkansas fans could have predicted the incredible start the Hogs are off to in 2021. After a huge win against Texas A&M that catapulted the Razorbacks into the AP top 10, Arkansas now has the tough task of moving out of the FBS basement and leave behind their friends of several years.

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58 Responses

  1. Austin Dale says:

    Feel bad for all those FBS bottom dwellers. I鈥檓 sure they鈥檒l miss Arkansas.

    • Tanner McCoy says:

      johnson jefferson im guessing your scared because of the pressure we are putting on whatever team you love im sure there obviously looking shitty this year and a shitty sec team like auburn or mizzou will get doggystyled by arkansas this year

    • Christian Reed says:

      Nah, Arkansas will be back. This season probably

    • Lane McWilliams says:

      Where is Tennessee at?

    • ZoSo says:

      @Johnson Jefferson incorrect. Just coming off the two worse coaches in our history. The season before the scandal we were 11-2. All throughout program history we were typically an 8 win team even in our worst years. Pittman is staying and he knows how to motivate a team. We have arguably one of the best defensive minds in the game in Barry Odom as our DC. You’re going to be waiting a long time.

    • Mike GHD says:

      Johnson Jefferson damn dude get off your hate for Arkansas i always see you on videos hating on them chill man it’s just a game

  2. Shane Bentley says:

    When you鈥檙e able to make jokes about yourself, you most likely have a good sense of humor. Lol, well done ladies and gents!

  3. Ty Roland says:

    Gotta love the meta joke that also works as an apology for being wrong about Sam Pittman.

    • F**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝CK MY 袪R0FIL袝 says:

      鈥楢 good quarter 馃尯馃馃尮馃彽馃挳馃尭馃拹

    • F**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝CK MY 袪R0FIL袝 says:

      bottle, and then your grandmother馃樉馃樋馃檧

    • F**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝CK MY 袪R0FIL袝 says:

      鈥榃hither away so馃拰鉂o笍馃挓馃挒馃挐

    • Make1txthunder says:

      @Gary Douglas I mean in reality the 3-7 season last year should have been 5-5 if not for sec refs literally taking games from Arkansas. I know Auburn got a undeserved win and I think the other was LSU. And this is coming from a Georgia fan.

    • Bryce Hansen says:

      @RoofCollapse Nah… The Hogs will make a bowl game. They won’t be lumped in with the Kansas’s of the world for a while.

  4. CallumDance says:

    Ok for real though, it’s really good to see arkansas playing well after so many years of being terrible

  5. Danny says:

    *Cup dropping representing how not even the most optimistic Arkansas fan thought 2021 could be this good.”


  6. TheStarWolfGamer says:

    Imagine if Arkansas actually does win it all, then rewatching this sketch

  7. Cool Bricks says:

    When Florida State walked in. I just died laughing. This was really good.

  8. Cody Everett says:

    I would have liked if they continued the鈥欌漼ou鈥檙e locked in here with me鈥 skit where Arkansas goes on a scary movie esk redemption path. Especially after beating two Ex-Southwest conference members that they used to be with. Not an Arkansas fan but they seem to be having a very special season.

  9. Wolters World says:

    The self-deprecating joke got me 馃檪

  10. aias1996 says:

    UMass making SEC shorts is going to be the highlight of their season.

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