SEC Shorts – Georgia has Hope again

SEC Shorts – Georgia has Hope again

Georgia is on it’s way to the national championship and they are bringing along an old friend.

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  1. Dave Brannan says:

    They’ve set themselves up nicely for the final SEC Shorts with Georgia cautiously letting Hope come along with them on the trip to the National Championship game. If Georgia loses the game, in the next episode they will be suckers for letting her weasel her way back in when they were already over her.

    If they win, the next episode will show Georgia and Hope as a powerful and ruthless duo working together to feast on the dreams of all other CFB teams.

    • Green Wave says:

      @Jessica Hickey They actually did

    • Jessica Hickey says:

      @Brooke A just keep telling yourself that UGA brought their “C” game if that helps you sleep at night, meanwhile the rest of the folks who watched the game saw an OSU team 8 secs away from knocking y’all out. Y’all had about 55yds more total yds; the same comp/att as OSU; 16 more rushing yds & the same number of penalties (4). The only difference was the 1 pick thrown.

    • lovelifefootballbymatthew says:

      @Brooke A Gooo Dawgs Sickem

    • Brooke A says:

      @lovelifefootballbymatthew You got a great point lol. We played horrible most of the night, especially on defense, except for those few come back from behind drives. So we came out with a C average team while CJ and OSU brought their A game no doubt, and we still pulled it off. Max and the Horn Frogs better be worried about Monday’s game bc I know we’ll be at our A-game level this time.

    • lovelifefootballbymatthew says:

      @Brian Collier TCU wish ohio state won they gave my Dawgs their best and we gave them average georgia and still won

  2. Mike N says:

    If TCU does the unthinkable next Monday these guys are setup for one of the funniest SEC Shorts ever.

  3. Deron Lillard says:

    As a lifelong TCU fan AND a Georgia fan by marriage, this game is a can’t-win-or-lose game for me. Love the Buc-ee’s reference with the nuggets since there IS a Texas team playing Georgia. I would have loved to see some “Hope” jab at the Frogs in this somewhere… After all, we are trying to dance with her more than Georgia is! Love these skits and miss seeing them every week!

    • S R says:

      @Katarh There’s another one up north in Calhoun.

    • Katarh says:

      There is exactly one Buc-ees in the state of Georgia. I found this out when I was stuck in a traffic jam on I-75 visiting my sister in Macon. The traffic jam is a regular occurrence, and caused entirely by the presence of Buc-ees.

    • I am Second says:

      Go Frogs!! This Aggie will be rooting for my fellow Texans!!

    • Nic Dunbar says:

      Deron, good luck to you. I, the opposite. Born and raised Georgia boy married to Fort Worth girl TCU Alumnus. I hope that Hope toys with HypnoToad all game only to be crushed in the 4th quarter. 😝

    • Gerald Mumphrey says:

      It is more of a reference to Hope hanging out with Texas A&M the whole season …

  4. JWex1997 says:

    1st SEC Shorts video in over a month!
    Finally needed this after awhile and please do more videos in the offseason this year 🙌🏼

  5. The Backyard Bear says:

    It’s the Personification of Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brown… and as a Georgia fan, the tension is palpable.

  6. Clif Millwood says:

    Somebody give SEC Shorts all the Oscars and Emmys

  7. Barrett Streeter says:

    I miss it when they wore UT gear and we’re happy😂 they should do shorts of how all the sec teams feel about their bowl games (or not even having one…)

  8. Landon SRT says:

    I’m not sure if having Hope back is a good thing or not.. GO DAWGS!!

  9. Joe Gibson says:

    You can never have too many SEC Shorts.

  10. Zardnokalicious says:

    Anyone else get that tingly feeling when the door opens and Hope was standing there? You knew she would be there, but it still got you right in the feels. Like that tingle right before kick-off! Congrats UGA, represent the SEC well.

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