SEC Shorts – SEC teams get their final 2022 season report cards

SEC Shorts – SEC teams get their final 2022 season report cards

It’s that time of the year. SEC teams sit down to see how their teacher grades out their 2022 season. Who’s going to the prize box and who’s in danger of getting held back?

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37 Responses

  1. Anonymous Contributor says:

    Honestly, I don’t think this could’ve ended any better than paying a tribute to Mike Leach.

  2. Jordan Bowman says:

    Was not prepared for the feels at the end. RIP Mike Leach. The CFB world continues to wrap its arms around the Starkville community and it’s beautiful to see.

  3. Favian Masters says:

    We may be rivals on the field but we all can agree that we’re feeling the pain and loss that Mississippi State is going through for Coach Mike Leach. SEC Shorts and Matt Mitchell did a wonderful job on tributes for The Pirate ☠️.

    Also, thoughts and prayers goes out to the Dawgs nation, my condolences during this difficult time 🙏🏽

    • Blaine Burnett says:

      He was also an assistant coach at Kentucky

      People always forget

    • JonSnowRadio says:

      Thank for the thoughts about the Dawgs we lost this past weekend. One was from my town, everyone devastated.

      Appreciate the fine tributes from SEC Shorts and Matt Mitchell for Coach Leach. Both hit us in the feels.

    • Joja Sunshyne says:

      Sincere thank you. ❤️🖤🕊🕊

    • Brooke A says:

      Yeah, Matt did a great tribute as well.

      Clouded our victory with times of sorrow. Devin Willock was a respected player and will be dearly missed by us Dawg fans. Just happy that Mclendon is okay. But that would be so hard to lose a teammate/roommate like that. You made it out, but one of your close friends didn’t.

    • Joseph Miller says:

      I was just thinking about the Matt Mitchell ending as well 😢

  4. HyperStar Gaming says:

    The Mike Leach moment had me tearing up… fans of all teams feel for Mississippi State and their fans. SEC Strong💪

  5. Terry Reed says:

    Such a classy tribute to Mike Leach. You guys nailed it!

  6. yrualeg1 says:

    Way to go SEC SHORTS. That was a spectacular tribute to the Pirate! And another great video!

  7. Mason Frierson says:

    SEC Shorts you nailed it once again! I laughed and smiled at all the teams getting their report cards and their responses were golden! And man that ending really brought tears to my eyes. Rest In Peace Mike Leach. You were a good captain🏴‍☠️

    • Csanád Horváth says:

      same, never thought I’d get teary eyed from SEC shorts, but when I saw Mississippi State and RIP Mike Leach… 😢 man my eyes fogged up a bit, didn’t cry but almost

  8. April VanGieson says:

    After being upset about Devin Willock for a few days, adding Mike Leach at the end just made me cry all over again. Great job! That doesn’t happen often.

    • Charles M says:

      Yeah, they got me with that too.

    • Brooke A says:

      Same here April. Very sad day for us Dawg fans indeed. Happy McClendon made it out, but very devastating knowing his fellow close friend, roommate, and teammate, did not. Also, for Chandler I know she was loved by all UGA football. It is going to be hard for a while I know…
      I could not imagine losing a coach like that either though. Hadn’t even played in their bowl game yet… So tough
      Go Dawgs ❤🖤

    • Brooke A says:

      @Matt Kominsky Oh wow that’s pretty close. Just devastating news. He’s deeply missed by all of us in Dawgnation and praying for you all in NJ too

    • Matt Kominsky says:

      Devin grew up 2 towns over from me in Bergen County NJ. A good amount of us are still coming to terms with his loss.

    • Michael Hogg says:

      @April VanGieson yes it is and IYO I don’t know if you strictly follow the SEC or other Conferences but what’s it going to take for other schools to leapfrog the SEC like it was before 2006? Take care and have a great day

  9. Phillip White Fam says:

    Literally could see that Mike Leach moment coming and instantly teared up. Very very well done. Sail high old pirate.

  10. Josh Hardel says:

    It doesn’t matter which SEC team you root for, this one hits you in the feels at the end…

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