SEC Shorts – Texas wants out of the SEC

SEC Shorts – Texas wants out of the SEC

It was a rude awakening for the Texas Longhorns as they travelled to Fayetteville, Arkansas to face off with the Arkansas Razorbacks. The only thing they left town with besides a loss was the realization that they are most certainly not ready to compete in the SEC. Lucky for them, there still might be time to sneak in and shred the contract.

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56 Responses

  1. Flying Blind says:

    They weren’t ready, got absolutely embarrassed in Fayetteville, WPS

    • Michael says:

      @Bodhisfattva well we just gonna have to wait and see now arent we. 😂

    • Ben Hudson says:

      @Bodhisfattva we’ve been good since the start of last year. People just saw that 3-7 record, and wrote us off. Should of been 5-5(two ref jobs) with the absolute toughest schedule in the country. We were competitive in all but two games.

    • Andrew Loris says:

      @Ben Hudson Bama and Florida. Oh yeah we had the hardest schedule in the history of College Football that was ass 😂

    • Timothy Oertli says:

      Neither was Georgia..when they got wrecked in the bowl game 2 years ago..and that was y’all’s conference 2nd best lol y’all sec fans tripping Arkansas was better that day..still a full season apparently it’s not just Alabama’s championship everyone’s trying to leach off others

    • Andrew Loris says:

      @Bodhisfattva Arkansas could beat Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Miss St, Tennessee, LSU, Missouri, and arguably Auburn. Possibly TA&M. All straight up

  2. Elijah B says:

    The fact that Arkansas is now intimidating shows how well Pittman has changed the program around. Congrats! Whoo pig Sooie

  3. Hunter W says:

    You guys need to give Sam Pittman some love! Made fun of the hire but it’s working out!

  4. Patrick Davis says:

    Bama should have walked in going full The warriors. “Oh longhorns, come out and playyyyyyyyyy.”

    • Mike Schmidt says:

      Bama, Florida, LSU et al come from behind snapping their fingers. . .

    • Bama 2 Da Bone says:

      @Kirby dumb Arkansas walked up to Texas l Like you and I want you, We now we can do this the easy way or the hard way….The choice is yours

    • lawrence stacy says:

      Bama is to busy padding their numbers with schools my local high school could beat. But hey Nick as said since he was in WV. Play the easy games, pad the numbers and be healthy and take advantage later. We will be ranked just because of who we are. Smart but not very indicative of true competition or who is actually the best. If you folks do not believe he said that look it up. He ran that thought for years until he got famous.

    • Crimson Tide says:

      @retro nerds they holding pocket while sucking thumb and looking down while cutting eyes up at you

    • Bobby Thornton says:

      @Space Ghost 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Ty Roland says:

    “We could be the richest non-bowl-eligible team in the country!”

  6. Andrew Jones says:

    As a UGA fan I am very happy for Sam Pittman and the Hogs. I knew that people were sleeping on Arkansas this year.

    • Dwayne Carter says:

      @Flying Blind Georgia is about as different as Texas is different every year and I’m a longhorn fan 😂

    • Andrew Loris says:

      @Dwayne Carter I don’t think you’ve watched a Georgia game this year

    • Andrew Loris says:

      @Bourbon Cask Florida fan?

    • Dwayne Carter says:

      @Andrew Loris lol you mean the only 2 they’ve played??😂 yeah they beat Clemson which is a good win. I’m not denying that they’re not good, they just disappoint every year in the big games that matters! And they have for the past 4 years, I don’t expect this year to be any different but time will tell

    • david mullican says:

      Hogs off to a great start for their normal 6-6 season. Eh

  7. dawg Nation says:

    Who would have ever thought we would see an SEC short of Arkansas dumping on Texas. What a great time to be an SEC fan.

  8. kourmoulis1 says:

    “We could be the richest non bowl eligible team in the country”

    -Tennessee vols entered the chat

    • Kenneth Hall says:

      @420Fitt 420Fitt Multiple National Championship level baseball. 4 trips to the CWS finals since 2014. Also as many bowl wins as Nebraska since 2009 and as many 9 win seasons as Tennessee. TV Revenue is equally distributed among all teams, if your team doesn’t like it then leave for the Big XII.

    • Eugene Denbrook says:

      @420Fitt 420Fitt Too much 420? Or maybe “performance enhancers?” It’s okay, man, nobody is impressed; just chill, it’s an SEC Shorts comment thread 🙂

    • Torry Gaskin says:

      haha fuck you yeah we deserve that tho smh

    • Trevor Valentine says:

      Not when you count all the coaching buyouts Tennessee has to finish paying out.

    • Kenneth Hall says:

      @Trevor Valentine lol so true

  9. Kevin says:

    Really proud of Arkansas. Not just a win, a dominating win. Hope their streak continues and they continue to improve. (“You’re locked in here with me!” – Hilarious. Now just don’t get emotional and fail next week Arkansas.) RTR Y’all!

  10. LSU fan 413 says:

    “I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me.” Perfect line.

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