Second Death From Coronavirus Reported In U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Second Death From Coronavirus Reported In U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Dr. Amesh Adalja from Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security discusses the latest coronavirus developments. Aired on 3/2/20.
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Second Death From Coronavirus Reported In U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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74 Responses

  1. R B says:

    finally a reasonable post

  2. Olympia Reinhart says:

    Another Trump*-hoax-virus infected person died!
    RIP 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Margaret Nicol says:

    Maybe if Trump/Pence dusted this and took it off Mitch’s desk it would help? HR 269 — Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act of 2019. It’s been there for about a year!

  4. David says:

    It’s okay though because it’s all just a hoax. Tap your heels together and you will come back home from the whimsical land of Oz

  5. Gina Jung says:

    How many people got tested so far? about 500?

    South Korea tested more than 40,000 already..

    • Jeff Woods says:

      @Sunrise Sunset I’m glad he changed his mind and what he has done..He chose the best route for the people, not for the insurance companies..that is your opinion..the VA is a prime example of why private insurance works better..

    • Sunrise Sunset says:

      @Jeff Woods I’m not arguing with you. If you love the con that’s on you. He lies just about every time he opens his mouth. He’s all yours!!! Plus you have no content so I’m not sure I conversing with an actual person.

    • Turnible Spencer says:

      @Don Johnson Same thing.

  6. Bryan Coulter says:

    But Moronavirus told everyone the virus would disappear like magic??

  7. Voice of Reason says:

    “It’s a hoax. It will disappear like magic.”

    — Trump

  8. stephen wedderburn says:

    Don’t worry America, it’s all a hoax, isn’t it? 🙄🙄🙄😷🤧🤮
    Pence is in charge his thoughts and prayers will save everyone 🤪🤪🤪🤪

    • Ludo Ludovick says:

      @tom smith When Republican, immigrants are cagine children black people don’t do that. The civilization started in Africa 76 trillions, three thousand and twenty years ago. In two the coming two billion years man will see.

    • Jim Battersbee says:

      Jeezus, America really is a joke.

  9. Francis Fulloffrenchpeople says:

    There has been so little testing done, there could now be thousands of undetected cases all over the US. The incompetence here is unbelievable.

  10. Fran 76 Clucas says:

    Our local hospital has set up a pod for those who may have Covid-19 can go get tested without going near other patients…….

    • Reggie 72 says:

      A pod is just a separate ward that is not open to the rest of the hospital. It’s standard with any infectious outbreak and all hospitals should have a plan for this in place already. It’s not an over-reaction or fueled by paranoia, it’s how these outbreaks are controlled and stopped (hildebeast Clinton, yes this is directed at you), and it’s not increased cost care. IT’S A RESPONSIBLE PRACTICE that is part of required emergency plans for this sort of situation. Most will recover with home care. Stay home, keep your pets and family away from sick people (dogs have tested positive), wash your hands often, stay hydrated and use a Kleenex to cover coughs and sneezes. Call your clinic before rushing in, as this spreads, only the sickest will be hospitalized. Common sense.

    • amy benje says:


    • Margaret Nicol says:

      Are they charging for the service?

    • Mebrice Depace says:

      @Reggie 72 This does not spread from humans to animals – WRONG. You dont have common sense.

    • aleree says:

      @amy benje Use more capitals and put more commas bro, i dont think theyre getting you

  11. Silver Boomer says:

    Good luck with having hospitals staffed adequately! Most have minimal staff and are overworked.

    • Anthony Hewetson says:

      Exactly: in the USA we maintain just enough staff and facilities to maximize profit under normal circumstances. When emergencies crop up, we fall apart.

    • Kathryn Beecher says:

      Especially in their ESD: environmental services departments! They always cut the janitors first.

  12. blue_pearl_22 says:

    I’m curious how the moderates are going to spin this so that this crisis is not a major argument for M4A.

  13. TheWarriorArts says:

    Its a shame many people think this isnt worth worrying about until someone local dies or contracts the virus.

    • Aaron says:

      @Swann Reid Maybe they are confused because the common cold is a groups of viruses that include rhinovirus and corona virus types.

    • leonardimas1 says:

      this was planned long ago, it’s a US bioweapon, to but in charge a new one world governemnt, since 2001 we see SARS, MERS, now COVID19!! it happens never in our history,so many new virus within one decade

    • Margaret Nicol says:

      @Greytro The staff/scientists are not allowed to speak to the media. Everything has to go through Pence first. Previously it was the ones who knew what they were talking about who took the lead. It didn’t need to go for a wash and spin before saying anything. Now the public is not informed because ignorance leads.

  14. DLTD says:

    It’s almost like Donald wants it to get out of control to then sell “the cure”

    • J Westfall Davis says:

      He just announced a brand of masks the government would be purchasing. Of course, they probably made a donation.

    • I.P. DAILY says:

      @J Westfall Davis He would not be the first to do something like that,just the first you cried about !!

    • I.P. DAILY says:

      It’s your lie,you tell it as big as you want to !!

    • Kevin Hausch says:

      To bad alot of Americana dont have heath care….most ppl will take their 2% chance of dying rather than paying 20k in hospital bills.

  15. La Luba says:

    In Europe we know how to handle this with our children. We can stay home with our sick kids. And get payed.

  16. Barbara says:

    I just have to say, the quarantine isn’t in place to stop the spread, it’s there to SLOW the spread so hospitals can deal with the number of cases on a given day.

    • Mr Brown says:

      Every step is meaningless. Unless we stop international flights from every part of the globe. We are only doing that with knows countries. This virus is laughing at the man who stepped on Mars

    • Sun Hun says:

      If isolation is the only solution once you have contacted the virus, OF COURSE segregating and quarantining and closing borders and closing schools will help. I feel they want everyone affected. Ppl want to still sit on their thumbs while this thing spreads like wildfire. Idiots.

    • Scotty Osburn says:

      COVID translates to KOBE in hebrew(Vaccines have mercury poison in them)

  17. Palidor19 says:

    I’ve been worrying about what I like to call “red Monday” where the Dow Jones is just going to DROP. I’ve been slowly prepping for the past few weeks.nim highly concern now

  18. debbie duccini-day says:

    The scarey thing is that I think we are on our own since our current “leaders” are more worried about winning an election.

    • binklebonknz says:

      They’ll win because it’s out and they can’t control the spread, people will be afraid to go out and vote.

  19. S White says:

    This. Listen carefully. They are telling us it’s everywhere. Get prepared and stay healthy everyone ❤️

    • Ludo Ludovick says:

      Fuvk U and Yr Jesus

    • Aces Wild LV says:

      Go buy a bottle of *Sterile Doctor*

    • J Westfall Davis says:

      @Pete Lind Very true.

    • MR intel says:

      @Pete Lind
      Whether “a great job” is being done (as claimed by Trump) can be assessed when not a few dozen people are infected, but a few hundred thousand or a few million.
      I fear that the USA will do much worse than Europe where the governments have control of the health system. Remember, American health care is driven by profit maximisation. To deal with the coming pandemic, non-urgent operations would need to be postponed, to free beds for Covid-19 patients. This is happening in Europe, but if this is done in the USA, as a lot of money will be lost.
      And what about the uninsured? Will they have to stay at home where they will infect a lot of others?

  20. Nick M says:

    “Don’t panic, we’re handling the situation professionally.”

    Lmao this dude

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