Second Graders React to Lammily and Other Fashion Dolls

This video was filmed at St. Edmund’s Academy, an independent, preschool – 8th grade day school in Pittsburgh, PA.

A Special Thanks To: Second Grade Students

Interviewer: Susan Miller, Assistant Head of School

Event Organizers:

Mr. Chad Barnett, Head of School
Lucy King, Admission Director

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20 Responses

  1. ycanada says:

    These kids are getting a lesson in indoctrination. What was wrong and false
    yesterday is becoming reality today. 1+1=3 in this new twisted world.
    Instead of wasting lives bombing the middle east we should focus on the
    homegrown terrorists. Mass immigration, political correctness, feminism,
    they are attacking our way of life from the inside. 

  2. Billythachikk says:

    The fact that they all say she looks “real” confirms my strong belief that
    Barbie dolls don’t make bad people. If they – at that age – can safely sit
    there and say that THIS doll looks real, that indicates that they KNOW the
    normal Barbie isn’t real and does not look like something, you would be
    able to achieve. Ergo, they don’t look at a normal Barbie and think “why
    don’t I look like that”, like they wouldn’t look at a dragon and say the
    same – because they can tell it’s not a realistic thing.

  3. Victoria Flamel says:

    So I guess the lesson learned is that no matter the waist size all young
    girls aspire to become swimmers or swimming teachers. 

  4. Sleipnir93 says:

    I like the idea a lot, since I feel bad for some of my friend who I think
    are pretty and they don’t fell comfortable about themselves. However, I
    have to point out something from the video: why would you make children
    wear ties at school? It looks like they want to make them look like mature
    people. And then you go ask those adult-like children if they like this new
    doll. It is very surrealistic. I am 20 and the times I’ve worn a tie can be
    counted with the fingers in a hand.

  5. Cloverfr says:

    I don’t understand what is the problem whit people who are against Do you
    like Barbies? it is your decision because this new doll out are not going
    to stop making the other Do you think that we should not bring it to
    market? hang in there This serious affect you so much? think is ugly or
    something .. good buy barbie nobody forces you to buy this
    You think is not necesary because Barbie is not bad Who cares what you
    think? is not your desicion some people want a real doll, it’s not your
    The kids seem happier and satisfied with Lammily and jobs associated with
    her are less stereotyped as Barbie
    I wonder because it will be? maybe Barbie image if have a real effect on
    I think maybe my english is not good enough… 

  6. Zephyrnix says:

    Please don’t tell me people have did something so useless like compare a
    doll made in the 1950 to one’s made recently … Especially when times
    we’re … for lack of a better word, “different”.

  7. John Smith says:

    Fucking Liberals.

  8. AmbarIPO says:

    Kids are the best :)

  9. Zdarr says:

    Americans say ‘like’ a lot. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

  10. Andrea Luzi says:

    I invite you to check our channel. We are a young rock band :)

  11. Todd Cannon says:

    If I had designed this doll, I think I would have taken the chance to
    improve her articulation in addition to making her look more realistic. I
    always thought Barbie just wasn’t fun to play with because she couldn’t be
    posed as well as my G.I. Joes or Megos. So I think he should have made the
    doll more fun to actually play with. Also, I don’t care for the name
    “Lammily”. He could have done better than that.

  12. Фатима Боджокова says:

    Second Graders React to Lammily and Other Fashion Dolls

  13. Laura María Vanessa says:

    Second Graders React to Lammily and Other Fashion Dolls

  14. skylightlove says:

    Usually I’m a naysayer to these ‘politically correct’ types of things, but
    honestly I think this is a great idea! Usually when kids play with toys
    they want to imitate real life – even if crazy stuff happens like they get
    eaten by a dinosaur.
    For these kids not to recognise Barbie as being like a real person because
    of her abnormal, unrealistic body shape (speaking as someone who has been
    thin and reasonably in shape her whole life) is pretty significant – they
    seem to feel slightly detached from her, compared to the Lammily doll. And
    children do make subconscious associations with things like Barbie and
    their own or others’ body shapes. Just like these kids did, you look at
    them and associate them with ‘models’- unrealistic images of beauty planted
    in our heads from an early age.
    So yeah, keep up the good work! Also those scars, freckles and blemish
    stickers are cool too, I would have loved them as a kid.

  15. TheTruthHurts says:

    Well, isn’t that nice. Children are like a blank slate. Remember being
    innocent? Those were the days.

  16. Staciek76 says:

    The children’s reaction says it all. They truly humble us! 

  17. Bryna Ramirez says:

    How cool! I love realistic toys. It will be neat to see if kids really do
    enjoy playing with something that reflects reality vs. fantasy; both of
    which are totally okay.

  18. RememberRox says:

    I can only speak for myself really but I played with dolls for a long time,
    even at 14 I was playing with barbie dolls and never once did I envy the
    dolls in any way and felt insecure about my own body because of them. They
    were just toys to me, And I don’t think it’s an issue for these children
    either. When asked which one they wanted as a present some of them said
    they wanted Lammily because they already had the Barbie, not because they
    liked it better. I wonder if the woman had asked them WHY they wanted the
    Lammily doll, I wonder who many would have given the same answer.

  19. Rk Rabby says:

    Bad natk

  20. Réka László says:

    Really sweet video, I’m absolutely proud of the kids!