Second Round: Gonzaga ousts Northwestern

Second Round: Gonzaga ousts Northwestern

Gonzaga nearly blows a 22-point lead and hangs on to beat Northwestern, 79-73. Nigel Williams-Goss took control for the Bulldogs with 20 points and 8 rebounds.

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20 Responses

  1. Samir Huq says:

    I don’t watch college basketball. The last time I heard Gonzaga is Adam Morrison.

  2. Chauntel Bland says:

    That kid they showed at the end of this clip looked like he was cussing!

  3. Gus10271 says:

    The ref fixed this game

  4. Mr Perfect says:

    Who expected North western to win anyway?

  5. Mr Perfect says:

    Anyone else fell bad 4 the kid at the end

  6. Nathan Amanuel says:

    Referees swear that they’re always right

  7. Swimbait1 says:

    Freakin awesome, the smallest college still winning.

  8. echoalpha says:

    that kid at the end is such a snowflake

  9. Confuseshows says:

    That block should be going to shaq’tin a fool

  10. southsidesman says:

    The mistake the refs made cost them a 3 point lead; the mistake Collins made cost them 7 points and the game. Overdue technical with antics before it: very disappointed in Collins, he selfishly took the game away from his players.

  11. Michael Hegyan says:


  12. ridor9th says:

    Northwestern was robbed. Gonzaga won’t make it to Final Four.

  13. Dawk Rivurs says:

    Gonzaga is trash. Taking an L against West Virginia.

  14. Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht says:

    Love it. Go Bulldogs!

  15. Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht says:

    Gonzaga is a complete team and plays defense better than anybody in the tournament. One call was not gonna change that game. A whole lot of talent.

  16. Robert Kelley says:

    No that shouldn’t have been a goaltending that should have been a basket interference. Goaltending and basket interference are two different rules and have nothing to do with one another.

  17. Jake Draeger says:

    subscribe to me ill subscribe back

  18. supersonicthz says:

    Northwestern deserved to make at least sweet 16. Literal garbage

  19. Lonnie B says:

    SUCH BS!

  20. D Marksman says:

    why is this trending with 15,000 views

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