Second Stimulus Check: 4 New Proposals Added To Package

Second Stimulus Check: 4 New Proposals Added To Package

Looks like 2nd stimulus check is getting more serious. Both Democrats and Republicans are working together on 4 new addtional proposals.

What we already know:
The Emergency Money for the People Act (2nd Stimulus Package) would work like this:
-$2,000 Payments: Eligible Americans would receive $2,000 in cash per month guaranteed for at least six months.
-Monthly Payments: These monthly cash payments would continue until the employment to population ratio is greater than 60%.
-Not Income: The monthly cash payments would not count as income.
-No Impact To Benefits: The monthly cash payments would not adversely impact anyone’s ability to qualify for an income-based federal or state assistance program.

4 addtional proposals:
1. Infrastructure Upgrade
2. Fiscal Support For States and Local Governments
3. Payroll Tax Cuts
4. No Mortgage and Free Rent

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89 Responses

  1. Lynda Tounas says:

    Yes we do need more money not enough money

    • Wise Flys says:

      Definitely, many people are going through hard times right now

    • truedashfan253 says:

      @Wise Flys yes i hope they pass the new bill we need this money

    • Frank Loiacono says:

      This is an election year and neither party wants to look like the Bad guy so we should definitely be getting another stimulus check.
      However, $1200 is a joke, and if they really wanted to help out us people then we need at least a $3000 stimulus check. Banks, airlines, etc all got huge bailouts in the past and its time that we get helped, enough BS!!!

  2. marlene katz says:

    If $1,200 is all we get then they should stop calling it a stimulus. That’s disingenuous because $1,200 doesn’t stimulate anything. The government locked us down and forced this poverty on us so they should do a hell of a lot more to make up for it.

  3. It's a family thing Mala & Jaleah says:

    Let me know when it is real…

  4. Edward Gaeta says:

    Notice, the Talking Heads don’t say anything about how this would affect people on SSDI. Every comment I saw in these comments asking about SSDI had no response, no one’s touching that one. How would us on SSDI explain 6 to $12,000 showing up in our life to SSA. Would SSA tap the benefit we count on thus eliminating the stimulus ammount?

    • Wise Flys says:

      Nobody is saying yes or no because nobody knows for sure. I have research that the articles, and nothing mention of that yet

    • Edward Gaeta says:

      @Wise Flys probably those brainless liberal Democrats have found a way 2 screw SSDI people out of their benefits then blame Trump for it. My feeling is take the two thousand bucks and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    • Emily Harrington says:

      We’d be eligible, and it wouldn’t count as income, according to all info I’ve seen. As far as I know, more checks would not render anyone ineligible for their benefits.

  5. Danielle True says:


    • Laurie Farnum says:

      @Matthew The Ninja essential workers cant quit and if we do to stay safe and healthy we dont get unemployment . No ones gonna pay essential employees to stay ho.e so they to can be safe . And to top it off you make more on unemployment than working it’s sad.

    • Caryl Tiedemann says:

      imwatchingyou My husbands job was deemed essential and he has been working a shorter week but we are Thankful because he hasn’t lost our insurance. I am NOT sure you can say Oh I don’t want to work, I believe your company has to let you go before you can collect any unemployment. I feel like just do your job if your lucky enough to have one, SHUT UP, and just do the best you can. But the way my husband is one of those Truck Drivers that has been dealing with the public, wearing a mask, doing the best he can Matthew the Ninja.. I just feel like everyone has their hands out and more people need to stop complaining. Think about if you are healthy, your family is healthy, and you will have the luxury to not have a loved one who contacted the virus and passed away.

    • Brenda Ross says:

      @Caryl Tiedemann Amen! I hear ya. It’s just really scarey out there. You are correct. The Company has got to say it. I have a friend working now even tho it’s non essential. His boss says work!

    • Carl Esc says:

      Matthew The Ninja Well lets all essentials workers go home and collect unemployment and see how good you guys do without public transportation; supermarkets operating and hospitals closed. You sound like a very smart guy so make the math

    • JHP Hunting says:

      Matthew The Ninja – what about all the truck drivers that is delivering food to your table!!! What would you call that????Just because they are working doesn’t mean they want to be exposed , they deliver everything you go to your local Walmart-Dollar General etc, etc for YOU and your family to live on! Do you think they want to leave their families and be gone all week? NO they don’t!!!what is your job? Are you home every night???

  6. T Shelby Aka Ozz SHELBY says:

    I totally agree everybody keep saying the same old thing

  7. Davy Hay says:

    Enough with all the damn proposals–lets pass one, already!

    • Kitirena Koneko says:

      How about we pass the three best proposals now and get the country back from the brink of a Second Great Depression? Oh, wait, that can never happen, because doing so would benefit someone other than the filthy rich and huge greedy corporations for a change!

    • Roger Colley says:

      Not gonna happen sadly. Trump isnt going to pass a second one. If anything we’ll get tax cuts on our paycheck

    • Amanda Anderson says:

      @Roger Colley yep I agree.

    • toledojeeper says:

      @Roger Colley …Trump has already said he is ok with another stimulus check

    • Cass l. says:

      More like every minute – these youtubers sure do know how to milk news

  8. Denise says:

    $2,000. a month for 6 to 12 months would help me get a car. Something I haven’t had since 2014. I have no hope of getting one on what I get from SSDI. I just barely survive.

    • Mike V says:

      @pam J where do you live that only pays you a little north of $700 a month? Or are you just not working enough?

    • rajesh vengat says:

      @pam J I can live comfortably with that money

    • Amygdala says:

      @june bug Yeah put it in the hands of welfare bums so they can buy a used car the ultimate depreciating asset hahahaha. And how is a car going to help sheep that are to afraid to leave their homes lol.

    • Morose Tidings says:

      Instead of useless prayer…Why don’t you useless imbeciles start a gofundme or something actually useful? Prayer has been proven (yes, PROVEN) to not work. In fact, it makes things worse.

    • Kathleen Lincoln says:

      me too. i need a car badly, i have been saving up a little each month but since started my savings has been nearly depleted..

  9. Peter N says:

    My gosh could be my salvation, let’s get something passed.

  10. cease19811 says:

    I propose that they stop proposing and get their behinds into gear

  11. Lydia Petty says:

    There are so many sites that you really don’t know which one is correct. I wish they would just have all their facts straight before posting. Then when you ask a question they never answer you back.

  12. Robert Garza says:

    If money comes then it comes. If it doesn’t oh well. One thing for sure it ain’t free. All this “free” money will be collected at a later date most likely in the form of a tax hike. Also something should be done for all those deemed as essential workers. In my hometown 41 fire dept employees tested positive and currently 4 police officers. Where I work we have 15 staff members that have tested positive in my unit and 10 of our residents. So for those of us forced to work in and around positive people we have the potential to take it home to our families continuing the cycle. I’m not necessarily saying those of us that work in environments should get preferential treatment but something should still be done. For those that can’t work I pray for you. All in all the government has a monumental task ahead of them and it’s going to take a couple decades to get back where we should be. Most are looking to how this effects them now and in the near future. (A couple months down the line). But this is going to effect us for a long time.

    • 89 Fox says:


    • Felix Alejandro says:

      I live with somebody thats 80 years old i cant take that chance to go back to work , I will try to agine to get unemployment but the last few times the state web site crashed.

    • Felix Alejandro says:

      I wonder if China did this on purpose.

    • McPhee Godzgal says:

      @Felix Alejandro Try the site in the wee hours of the morning, when most folks are still in bed. You have to have lost your job due to COVID-10, however. If indeed you qualify, I hope & pray you won’t give up on applying for unemployment benefits. God bless!

    • STRIKEGANG says:

      They’re just gonna go up on taxes

  13. Rick Denton says:

    As far as I know, I haven’t been stimulated.

  14. jason blasquez says:

    This will never pass. We on our own..they’ve turned their backs..

  15. Marie Tully says:

    This new rule is stupid most people won’t even qualify to put in tunnels and fix bridges etc.

    • MsTaly99 says:

      John Carter where did you hear that in what he said?!

      He said you need to have at least 2 months pay stubs that’s it.

      So basically if you haven’t been working then you don’t get SHIT!

    • Doug Overhoff says:

      Why would you think people wouldn’t qualify for this stimulus if they can’t work on infrastructure jobs? That’s a totally different part of this, and is for people who need JOBS too, and not to get their stimulus money, which would be extra money.

    • Amanda Anderson says:

      @MsTaly99 it is apart the proposal
      Basically EVERYONE will get it..

    • Amanda Anderson says:


    • Ram Rodriguez says:

      U cant eat a bridge

  16. Nora Martin says:

    Direct deposit is the only safe way to go

    • S D says:

      I hope direct deposit

    • Linda Dayson says:

      Where is my stimulus check for the 1200 I receive social security it’s shameful that the people that need there money the most there isn’t any money not yet in route to be deposited from the IRS site or my bank . The people that suppose to help you don’t answer the phone which is so unprofessional in different ways. I’m about to call the White House for Donald Trump his name is in the check and I would love to know where is the check with my name on it .

    • Linda Dayson says:

      It to much talk about this and not enough action on my behalf now it’s another bill out that will give 2000 dollars then 1000 a month ok good. I want to get my first 1200 then I may can see about the 2000 + 1000 every month 1200 first then I can move on people. It’s to much drama with this and it seems to be somewhat unorganized.

    • Sandy Gan says:

      Nora Martin I have direct deposit for 2018 and 2019 tax refunds and my Social Security check every month, but they still sent my stimulus money by paper check (to get Trump’s name on it, maybe?) in the mail.

    • Ashia Hankerson says:

      Nora Martin it sure is….definitely ready for round 2 !

  17. 12 Monkeys says:

    I still haven’t gotten the first stimulus check.

  18. MaStEr COoK83 says:

    House is taking an extra week vacation to stall. Won’t be back till the 8th or 9th! We won’t see another check sorry! This is how Àmerica collapses with the citizens suffering and dying while our government hides on vacation! If I wasn’t an asthmatic with chronic bronchitis and my wife has an autoimmune disease I’d be trying to get back to work but I’m not risking her or my life for min wage sorry

    • Ivanxspaced _ says:

      MaStEr COoK83 stfu that’s that negative shit we tryna stay positive

    • BlackHaus Kennels says:

      I understand you , but I also am immune compromised as I have ankylosing spondylitis (take cosentyx) , which is an immune system destroyer… and i have a 10 year old daughter . Point is, we all suffer,,,,, suffer with little more positivity. We all must do what we have to to survive….. wwyd, if there was government help??????? Only the strong survive… mentally > physically

  19. Dovegirl says:

    I haven’t heard anything about this from the news. Americans
    certainly need this money. Just look at the food lines. This is a terrible situation for millions of people that live paycheck to paycheck. One $1200 check isn’t going to cut it. They need to get this done. We are going to see an exponential rise in homelessness, suicides, and crime.

  20. Cynthia Wise says:

    Praying that it passes…….. To at least give everyone ” A little piece of mind😊🙏🏽😊

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