Secret Hack To Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7

Secret Hack To Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7

This video is for those who don’t want to get $159 wireless airpods or have to insert your headphones into an adapter every time you listen to music.


Song: Ephixa & Jim Yosef – Everlasting [NCS Release]

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20 Responses

  1. pdx X Scoopii says:

    FUCK YOU! I Tried IT!! Now my iPhone is Broken :(

  2. Reynaldo Lazaro says:

    does this work on ps4 and xbox?

  3. Edvin WR says:

    Fake. It dosen’t work. Must be photoshopped or something. I tried it but it
    just played on my phone. Don’t do this!

  4. Ali Bob says:

    I didn’t have an I phone 7 so I did it on my I phone 5s

  5. DiiZZY CHEETAHZ says:

    Its Time To Stop

  6. Vishal Mittal says:

    did not watch the video. i know this guy is dumbass.. just came here to
    tell you fucking asshole

  7. Dave Kane says:

    Or you could just get a good phone instead.

  8. Aida Kim says:

    Who would even try this ? lol

  9. Hadi Qasmieh says:

    I hope you die of a horrible and painful death

  10. EddieHasNoUsername says:

    I can’t hear my music. Any fix?

  11. julian 030103 says:

    17K dislike. Jesus fucking Christ, people can’t take a simple harmless joke
    theses days in 2016.

  12. King Raygun says:

    what a waste of money you idiot. people work so hard for these and you just
    do this for fun -_-

  13. A reasonable politician says:

    Kids in Africa could have eaten that drill!

  14. Sponska says:

    Holy crap! I thought this was fake but it actually worked 😀 THX!!!

  15. chloetine says:

    I did it for my phone and It doesn’t work it still plays through the
    speaker. Is anyone else having this problem or know what I did wrong or how
    to fix it? Thanks

  16. Szymon Lipa says:

    Don’t working, we must wait for iOS update.

  17. MooKie Elmono says:

    This son of a dick will destroy like 100 iPhones for no reason

  18. Eduardo gonzalez says:

    this actually worked thanks dude for the help appreciated

  19. Randy Refil says:


  20. XxShadowNightxX17 says:

    Instructions unclear, got dick stuck in iPhone.