COLD CASE: John Creech went missing in April 2009. To date his disappearance remains a mystery but this is not stopping Bosque County Sheriff Hendrick’s & AWP from getting to the bottom of this case.

During this 2 part episode we investigate an area of interest next to Lake Whitney dam where the local Game Warden notified the Sherif’s office several vehicles identified underwater by local fishermen.


This video documents Adventures With Purpose’s search for John Creech, using the clues left behind with an emphasis on the AWP’s 5-mile search strategy.

– Where were they last seen?
– Where did they live?
– Where did they work?
– Where did they go to school?

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Questions or Want to Tell Us About a Case?

John Creech
Missing Since: April 2009
Missing From: Meridian, TX
Sex: Male Height: 5′ 8″ Weight: 152lbs
Race: White
Age: 41 years old

John Richard Creech, who would now be 53 years of age, disappeared around April of 2009.

According to Creech’s family members, who have not seen or heard from him since, A short time after John’s disappearance, his pickup – a blue 1988 Chevrolet – was found in the Walmart parking lot in Hillsboro, and was retrieved by family members.

Case investigators have received information and a number of stories related to John’s disappearance and his last known whereabouts but due to limited evidence found, the case has left investigator’s stumped.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

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32 Responses

  1. Nonya Biznus says:

    I agree with so many that have commented about how good it is to see Jared. We all miss him when he’s not in the videos. That being said, I’d really like to thank the families of AWP divers – those on site and at home. They give so much of themselves, as well. Giving up time with their loved ones is a major sacrifice on their part. You all are amazing people and the world needs more people like you all.

    • Natalia Coggins says:

      Very true to see Jared back; however, I have also enjoyed seeing the narrator growth of Doug! Both do an excellent job of explaining their process and making things helpful and interesting. I found AWP about 2 weeks ago and I now am a subscriber. Keep up the heroic work.

    • Allison Tran says:

      It’s interesting to see all these comments asking about Jared when all I used to see before were negative complaints about him in the comments section.

    • LegacyLife says:

      @Is King they get thanked in the bank too

    • Maria Remick says:

      Yes happy to see and hear his voice.

    • Sandra McNew says:

      When they got those new trailers did they not say that Jared would be having something else to do? I miss not seeing him in the videos also

  2. ruthmusic2 says:

    I agree with Melissa Ford–sure do miss seeing Jared. Enjoy all the videos. Good to see you guys working with Jacob and Lindsay. You all are doing something great for families with lost loved ones.

    • Melissa Ford says:

      Yep, Jared is a good person regardless of what other people might say about him. I have nothing but respect for him and for what he’s accomplished. He’s stepping back to allow others to learn and also grow AWP. He’s busy behind the scenes making AWP amazing. The movement can’t grow if it’s just 4 guys!

  3. Melissa Ford says:

    Jared, I know you’re behind the scenes making AWP bigger and better than ever before, but you are missed! Chaos Divers, AWP! I love and respect you all! Both are the lighthouses guiding missing loved ones home! No matter who is in the episode, the purpose remains the same! Speaking of purpose, I’m wearing my What’s Your Purpose shirt today! I am so impressed by the cooperation, respect, and teamwork between AWP, 67 Towing, Chaos Divers,and Sheriff Hendricks and the officers you worked with! I hope you encounter more officers like the Bosque County law enforcement. Thank you for always recognizing everyone involved! Glad you were able to remove some of the vehicles. Jared, I’m always impressed at how skilled you are at reading sonar and that you can impart that knowledge and experience to others.

    • babodie says:

      @Melissa Ford This 10,000 times!you’re missed Jared we know you’re growing this incredible thing called AWP but I miss seeing you and hearing your voice. Doug you are doing amazing I just like seeing you together like the old days lol

    • William Houser says:

      Well said, these guys are amazing, their professionalism, compassion and skills make them a group of people beyond compare, I’ve been in the military and I’ve been a first responder and I have the highest respect for them, they have built a reputation that is being recognized by law enforcement being requested by them now as in the Kiely Rodni case. I salute all of you

    • UnohooClan UnohooClan says:

      @Melissa Ford I know this seems minimal looking at the bigger picture of what they do but they are doing a job as they have stated and I know when the grand scheme of things it may not seem like a big deal to kind of show everybody’s face but considering how they edit everything it actually would be kind of nice if they could include even a little snippet that would somewhat screenshot a person who is also a part of this and put their name by it.. kind of like if they included in their video a quick picture of a person at the very end which shows a person actively filming but a still picture of it and then have their name by it. If they could do that for each person that is a part of the team that would be wonderful! It is great to see them get every single bit of the credit that they deserve but I also know that this is not a big deal when I’m about to say, but it’s rather about what they’re doing that is the big deal, but everybody needs to see how much work it actually takes and everybody who is so involved and so dedicated. It’s not just two or three guys and I know that the main guys who we see better diving and or on camera all the time do talk about how they have a bunch of help, but at least at the very end of the video each time it would be good to not just list people’s names but to include the picture like I said showing what type of work they do. It takes so many people to be a part of their team and to make it all work and happen the way that they make it work. The AWP te HAS to be MUCH bigger then we would anticipate. not only is the AWP team doing the obvious but they are also giving people hope. It gives me hope and makes me feel really good inside knowing that there are genuinely really good people out there who care. We know that there are people out there who care and we get little snippets of it out here seeing people here in there but to see a whole YouTube channel dedicated to this type of active work is just refreshing. It makes the soul just feel good. What they are doing is so meaningful on so many levels and I personally would really like to thank them for everything that they do for obvious reasons but also just for giving people faith in humanity when there is so much bad out here in the world. I would like to see everybody who is involved. Even if they just included an extra 2 minutes at the beginning of the video or at the end of the video somehow including these things it would mean so much for the people who are involved also help others to know that they are so many people who are THAT caring ! Keep up the good work everyone! 🙂

    • Melissa Ford says:

      @Mel Safken Agree! Jared is a very good person. He’s giving others a go, so he built two teams to help more families! Yup, much love to Jared!

  4. Fancyme Alter says:

    With seeing so many people getting behind political division that doesn’t serve any real purpose, it is so refreshing to see so many people joining together to accomplish something as important as finding lost loved ones. AWP is a great title for this movement. I have enjoyed watching it grow over the last two years. ( How long I have been aware of it).

  5. Fuzza majumula says:

    Thank you, Lindsey and Jacob! AWP, I’m surprised you’re working a case where foul play is suspected! Surprised, but pleased. No one can do what you do! Not surprised that the authorities haven’t got the proper resources. AWP, you are the best in the world!

    • Didi Bordner says:

      I agree

    • Jerri Cocke says:

      @DramaMustRemainOnTheStage you are absolutely correct. Bosque county has approximately 18,000 people living in the entire county. The resources just aren’t there. I was delighted to see awp come in on this case. I want them to find John for his family’s sake.

    • Brenda Gamba says:

      Totally agree with you. #FuzzaMajumula. “The best in the world”. Peace ✌ from Cape Town.Also Thanks to the subscribers and all who are able to financially donate.

    • DramaMustRemainOnTheStage says:

      Small municipalities just can’t afford the equipment and pay for expert divers. I’m glad law enforcement knows who to call when they do need help. Remember fishermen with sonar alerted authorities. Thank goodness Jared and Doug know how to expertly read their equipment

  6. Minnie Trout says:

    You guys set the standard for water searches. Y’all approach always search with a passion instead of thinking of it as a job. Thank you. I’m praying for your continued success and safety.

    • Sandra Kramer says:

      @DJPLAST mmmm. Is this when the LEO (law enforcement officer) said that?

      I remember thinking “How cook that the cop is offering to take them in.”

      The RV and trailer could not physically get to the location

    • Dean Steele says:

      I was thinking the same exact thing I’m watching these guys they probably won’t find anything but it’s still a good watch cuz you can see the passion in them. That’s some good people there.

    • Gina Cable says:

      @Sammy Miller this dosent make sense.

    • Juan U says:

      @Texas Justice 👍 thanks

    • Sammy Miller says:

      @DJPLAST I can tell you from personal that moving a truck to TX is a bad idea. We drove a moving van with all of our worldly goods, and it was stolen our last night on the road. It was the only place (Holiday Inn) that we were separated from our truck, we were on the 2nd floor. All of our other stays were at ground level. We had to wait until 8 am to make a report. When they called us back, they said the truck was located after it was set on fire 60 miles away. A cop/firefighter saw it, put the fire out and had it towed to a SERVPRO nearby. It was devastating. There wasn’t a lot left and if it survived the fire, it didn’t survive the smoke. By far the worst thing that ever happened to us. One month later the police contacted us, said someone found a gym bag (where my husband put a strong box). It was waterlogged, but we were able to use the carpeted floor of one of the bedrooms. We were in such shock that we didn’t sue the Holiday Inn, but they did give us a free continental breakfast. 😳😡 We left TX a couple of months later. It was to difficult to stay around after that.

  7. Xavier says:

    You guys set the standard for water searches. Y’all approach always search with a passion instead of thinking of it as a job. Thank you. I’m praying for your continued success and safety.

  8. Intangible Ram says:

    For how heavy these stories can be, it’s so nice to see you all have some laughs when possible. You’re all making such an impact on everyone around you and all the cases you solve. You breathe hope into families that haven’t had any for years. Thank you, all of you, for showing up and changing peoples lives. ❤

  9. Jimmyblues59 m says:

    This is fascinating to watch. Especially when taking into.consideration that AWP has taken water searches to the next level with their dedication and professionalism. And all if the missing persons cases they have solved, and will.solve in the future. Nicely done AWP crew! 😊

  10. Felicia Lewis says:

    “Great to see Jared back on the water today, it’s like he has the spirit of a eagle. I love how with his keen eye and logistics of how to accurately read the sonar have been so instrumental to mentoring other’s. Doug seems to have an acute six sense that is only getting better with time, that together with Jared’s sensible direction many more lost souls will be found and brought home from their watery graves to rest in peace. This crusade is only in it’s infancy. Much love, admiration, blessings and prayers to the whole team.” 😊❤️🙏🌈🌎#HEAVENSENTWATERANGELS

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