Security guards rush to help Hope For Paws rescue a homeless German Shepherd.

Security guards rush to help Hope For Paws rescue a homeless German Shepherd.

Please donate today and help us get more dogs off the streets before the holidays:
To adopt Mozart, please contact Coastal German Shepherd Rescue:

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20 Responses

  1. Hold this L says:

    I dont understand why Hope for paws dont use a gopro, you would have a
    extra pair of hands then

  2. Lily potter says:

    Question does the metal thing you put around them does it hurt them when
    they run

  3. Hattie M. says:

    Great work!! Oh my,that tall security man has to be 6′ 10″!!!!! How long
    was that poor dog homeless?

  4. bennitori4 says:

    1:17 Look at that forced perspective. Seriously that guy looks like a giant
    compared to to other security guards.

  5. Ava Dennis says:

    Who else noticed the really tall security guard ??

  6. Hugo Matha says:

    When I have money, I will give you first , Respect from France

  7. jonatas torres says:

    did anybody notice how big that security guard was?? he must be like 7ft

  8. AlexFroFalex _ says:

    3 things: One: DAMN THAT SECURITY GUARD IS TALL! Two: 4:37 look at the
    lady, you’ll uh.. see something… o//////o And three: I love what you guys
    do, keep it up

  9. Infinitely Inspirit says:

    do you need to have a degree to get a job like this?

  10. Oregon Bill says:

    Wow!!!! All that traffic. My heart was in my throat. Great job. He is a
    beautiful dog.

  11. you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together says:

    did anyone notice the music playing is Mozart’s and the lovely dog was
    named Mozart? XD

  12. Luís B says:

    What this team does is amazing, I cant thank you enough for doing this. I
    support you, but when I watch your videos I always get attacked by onions!
    Thank you!

  13. Anjali Donn says:

    You should do a tv show XD Hope For Paws Rescue Show XD

  14. Anangke says:

    Poor Mozart. I’m glad he didn’t have any big wounds. When you said he
    smelled terrible I was worried. Thanks Eldad and Lisa!

  15. hey12358y says:

    The Hope For Paws vids where a big tough looking dog whose an obvious softy
    is all messed up by life on the street always hit me hard.

  16. MrMapleBar says:

    You should put something in the food that makes them fall sleep so it’ll be
    easier to catch them. Obviously it won’t work for dogs like this who didn’t
    accept the food, but it’d be less scary for a lot.

  17. Anthony Reyes says:

    Thanks for putting music that doesn’t make me wanna ball my eyes out

  18. LungSusage says:

    I would adopt him if I didn’t have to travel to pick him up 🙁 what a
    beautiful dog.

  19. Montana Pearl says:

    kill the music ….omg horrible

  20. dlwatib says:

    You’d think as often as these guys do this that they would learn that dogs
    pay attention to your emotions, not your words. This guy always shouts out
    “that’s OK” in a tone that says to the dog “I’m worried. Run. Hide.
    Anything could happen.”