See The Cast Of Dear Evan Hansen Perform “Waving Through A Window” At The 71st Annual Tony Awards

See The Cast Of Dear Evan Hansen Perform “Waving Through A Window” At The 71st Annual Tony Awards

The cast of Best Musical nominee Dear Evan Hansen performs one of the show’s signature numbers live during Broadway’s Biggest Night. Stream the 71st Annual Tony Awards on CBS All Access.

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20 Responses

  1. Chara says:

    Why is he so good? BEN WHY IS U SO GOOD!

  2. Jon Phang says:

    Love this song and You will be Found! Ben Platt crushes this! Sooo good!

  3. Jake Jansen says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Ben Platt, but I’ve had so many directors get on my case for waving my arms around like that. It almost makes me jealous that he’s on Broadway with that. 😂

  4. Liz Scalzitti says:

    Ben is superman and this incredible performance will never get old

  5. Melissa2087 says:

    I had NO interest in seeing this show UNTIL this performance. This was great!

  6. engchi says:


    i mean ive been tearing just by watching this. how much more if i was there

  7. Kate Stetson says:

    Congrats on winning best musical!

  8. Hamilton Trash says:

    The fact that he was sick and put on vocal rest and still sounded amazing is just…. AMAZING

  9. galaxiesandsupernovas says:

    Phenomenal. Kudos to the entire cast.

  10. Kaileigh B says:

    my boy Ben here was on vocal rest for two days this week and comes out and kills it at the Tonys. So so proud of this dude

  11. RecordRewind says:

    Ben Platt…man…he really went for it tonight and I’m so proud of him. He belted that out and it was fantastic! 😭🔥

  12. Bruce Xiangcai Zhang says:

    I haven’t the chance to watch this show, could someone tell me what it’s about? I can hear social network loneliness and anxiety

  13. magda hoskins says:

    i kind of wish they’d done something where the whole cast could sing? like Disappear or something, where they all have a part and they’re not just in the background. even so, this was _amazing_!

  14. Ajay G says:

    Damn he really gave it his all tonight!

  15. Devin Harper says:

    Best live rendition of Waving Through a Window I’ve heard. Ben Platt never disappoints. Hope to see the show some day.

  16. TreeBoi says:


  17. angela mendoza says:

    DEH won best musical. My life is complete now.☺

  18. Kevin Bodhipaksha says:

    This show is exactly why we do musical theatre…to touch the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world through powerful music, meaningful lyrics and a universal message about the human condition. Congrats to all involved on a truly masterful accomplishment! In the words of the great Richard Rodgers, “No one is comfortable with an excess of hearts and flowers, but there is no valid reason for hiding honest emotion. This has always been a major element in the theatre, and it’s my conviction that anyone who can’t, on occasion, be sentimental about children, home or nature is sadly maladjusted.”
    Once again…BRAVI TUTTI! 🙂

  19. Magic Magic!! says:

    I was crying the whole time

  20. Aidan Kurth says:

    You can tell he’s a bit sick, but he SLAYED this!!

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