WayV will make a debut in January.
Their second teaser video ‘FEEL THE V’ will be released on Jan 2nd 0AM (CST).

威神V Official

#WayV #WeiShenV #威神V

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51 Responses

  1. Vaniela Perez says:

    *International fan here to support WayV*

  2. artten says:

    These are all Ten’s vocals and this is like Ten’s teaser. Yes king.

  3. soggy bread says:

    This video is 1 min & 28 sec long which is 88 seconds. 88 in Chinese symbolizes fortune and good luck. Good luck WayV!!! Fighting!!

  4. dhirah amil says:

    ten attacked me in the first few secs but hold on why does he look like yixing

  5. Kiki G. says:

    I’m so kunfused who was singing?

  6. Hellu Kitty says:

    Anyone else wonder why this doesn’t have more views?

  7. Mylihn -hyun says:

    My spirit animal is Chittaphon Leechayapornkul

  8. victoria wang says:

    That’s why ten is my bias

  9. Benjamin Dudova says:

    The Chinese name of WayV is 威神v. 威 can mean awe-inspiring, powerful, or to dominate. 神 can mean god, soul, mind, or spirit. A fitting name for such a powerful group

    • Kiki Lala says:

      SM seems to like using God in their names. TVXQ’s real name literally translates to “The Rising Gods of The East”

  10. Deliana Sarimulia says:

    Now I need to see the new three rookies interact with NCT members

  11. Hala Hyomin says:

    Why I can’t stop watching this video??
    I can already FEEL the vision before the 2nd teaser

  12. artten says:

    Winwin looks so sexy. Everyone looks amazing

  13. aestheticbae says:

    damn Ten, so hot af.

  14. Serena Malfoy says:

    You know it’s funny to think that NCT only debut 2 years ago. They have so many songs and their aesthetics have changed drastically over even the span of 1 year. NCT is just a really impressive group.

  15. Angela Estebane says:

    Ten 0:16
    Yangyang 0:24
    Winwin 0:34
    Xiao Jun 0:42
    Lucas 0:49
    Kun 0:56
    Hendery 1:07

  16. kpop stuff says:

    it’s Kun’s birthday but he’s giving us the present

  17. kpop stuff says:

    this is so nct omg ?

  18. GucciKookie Peach says:

    Be quiet, don’t cry. Be quiet, don’t cry. Be quiet, don’t cry.

  19. //Shook FanFics// says:

    Lucas out here saying Paint me like one of your French girls

  20. Chogiwa says:

    After this ten should be named hundred

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