See what Fauci thinks about Trump’s plan to re-open country

See what Fauci thinks about Trump’s plan to re-open country

President Trump said he wants the nation “opened up and just raring to go by Easter”. Infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, gives his take at the coronavirus task force briefing.

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65 Responses

  1. francesca lyons says:

    The expressions on the Doctor face is priceless.

  2. oops says:

    Not to worry, Benedict Donald and the Reverend Pence have announced a day of prayer so they can pray the Trump pandemic away.

  3. keo keo says:

    Hes going after his evangelical vote. Hence why Pence looked at him when he said EASTER.

  4. Skip Pruitt says:

    Let’s just let Dr. Fauci and the experts talk only. Cut out the lies, false hopes and B.S.

    • Hotter One1 says:

      Folks according to WHO it took 67 days to get to first 100,000 then 27 days to get 200,000 and 4 DAYS to get to 300,000. This IS serious.

    • Adam Marrujo says:

      @Hotter One1 20,000 dead from the flu in this country alone. 3,000 died just today in car accidents. I think your head might be in the sand

    • Tide pods says:

      @Arthur lmao if you’re old and willing to get the virus and die for the future generation and country then go have fun returning to your normal life. Nothing is stopping you 😂 I thank you for being willing to die for me <3

    • Arthur says:

      @Tide pods
      Let me put this into perspective right for you:

      There have been less than 20,000 deaths from COVID-19 worldwide.

      The Great Depression led to 7 MILLION deaths, due to starvation, in the US, alone, with a much smaller population and smaller wealth gap.

      If the economy crashes, you’re going to be wishing we just all gotten COVID19.

    • Adam Marrujo says:

      @Nathan this disease has less than a 2% mortality rate. That means 98% of people, the less than 500,000 worldwide that have this, will survive. To speculate millions will die is just that: speculation… I’m not saying do nothing, but there can’t just be two stances on this. The one stance that says do nothing this is the flu, or the second that says omg we are all going to die if we don’t shut life down and force everyone to stay in their house. There is a happy median

  5. hillsmen says:

    “Considered the best test” I’d like to know by whom. A 10 year old can convey a thought more eloquently than this fool in the White House.

  6. Ronnie Zino says:


  7. taiwanesecats says:

    Fauci: if we do the kind of testing we need to do… IT AIN’T HAPPENING

  8. VintageGems Urban farm says:

    The only comment I have is
    “OMG, OMG, OMG” and I am not even religious . What the hell is he wobbling on. My heart goes out to ALL the health care workers
    Please stay strong and safe xox

  9. Vivien X says:

    Trump: “It’s a beautiful timeline, Easter…”
    Grim Reaper: “Yeeeee-Haaaaaa! We’re gonna make a killing!

    • Hai Voai says:


    • JaQuedia Daisy says:

      Beautiful timeline?? Really Trumpo.”?? Really. Well I’m not going to church I’m good I pray my older relatives don’t go neither.” Better safe than sorry

    • Vivien X says:

      @Michelle Iozzia Agreed. But moreso, I believe he thinks that designating Easter as a goal shows his “holiness” and “family values.” This will greatly appeal to all of the hoax-hucksters and ignoramuses who still believe he’s doing a great job. That said, if he does believe in a God, I don’t know which one that might be…

    • randy strain says:

      @Vivien X my bet is he believes in satan 😈

    • Julian Hyde says:


  10. xXxholicxXx says:

    wtf is this guy talking about? my brain cells are dying listening to him

    • Dennis Bailey says:

      And you sure don’t have many to spare being a democrat do you 😂😂😂

    • nyahmanis mommy says:

      @Dustin R fucking weirdo. You’re all over these comments spreading lies.

    • Natster Jam says:

      @Dustin R Deaths:
      Worldwide current figure!
      If you think it isn’t real then forget dead brain cells, You have ZERO brain cells!

    • elandore says:

      I am sorry your brain dissapoint you.
      I understood everything he said!
      It’s not that hard.
      But, well, you know – the understanding is different from person to person. Some find it harder

  11. Undead Nightorc says:

    “Our people want the country to be open.”
    I think we know which people he is talking about. He obviously made a risk assessment and figured that the benefits of a running economy far outweighed the risk of losing perhaps hundreds of thousands of people (a conservative figure) to the virus.

  12. Christian Fields says:

    It’s crazy how people really like this man as a leader for our country shits crazy

    • Pawel []PWLOPR[] says:

      @Eduardo Contreras I respect and applaud president Trump for his achievements.Majority of American citizens fell the same way ,and if someone call’s me for that “simple minded” I fell sorry for them. But they have to wait until November to understand how stupid they where believing in CNN propaganda paid by corrupt democrats and their Chinese masters.

    • Eduardo Contreras says:

      @Pawel []PWLOPR[] well..I’ll give you this. You are ignorant which means there is hope for your state of mind, Stupidity however has no hope! as before, take a hike!

    • ANTI GLO says:

      Better than any Democrat. All they would be doing is trying to save all the illegals and criminals and telling working Americans to fuck off and die.

    • Lois Jaszewski says:

      Pawel []PWLOPR[] feel….were……not fell and where 😂

    • Cleo says:

      Oprah Virus David Zublick !

  13. Starman Dx says:

    “We’re testing more than them in 8 days than they did in 8 weeks [in regards to South Korea]”
    Except they were testing en mass when they reported their first case, WHICH WAS THE SAME DAY AS WAS OURS! Gee, and 8 weeks? Sounds like 2 months, and what were you doing for 2 months, Trump, while they were testing and controlling their outbreak?
    Lying, misleading and making shit up.
    15 cases and soon it’ll be 0…

  14. Mel K says:

    I’m in the midwest. Our numbers are low because WE ARN’T TESTING!

    • Linda Calabasas says:


    • Gustavacres Acres says:

      @Linda Calabasas if you are so afraid of viral flu infections then why are you working in a field where you deal with hundreds of people in a confined space you idiot lol

    • Malefitz 68 says:

      That is the problem! Once testing will be done everywhere in the US the number of infections will skyrocket!!

    • Jeff Mok says:

      Michael Lam lmao

    • deborah wynter says:

      Gustavacres Acres yesss I agree with you! Let USA be free to spread whatever they want. As long as the economy is in full swing no body cares. Right?! So I say go out USAers be free, listen to your moron president and spread on. We the sane people from other countries will sit back eat popcorn and watch your Babylon fall. IDIOTS

  15. Máire Walton says:

    “We’re doing an incredible job” ???? 😩 The individual states are doing incredible jobs! There is no federal law that has shut down the country so there won’t be any federal announcement that those states! Imbecile just lied again! Sth Korea has tested and is testing 18 times more people than the US. Plus… “ our test is the best”???? STFU.. WHO offered their test from the beginning! Was it not as “beautiful” as the FDA test….. which was flawed BTW? Just can’t…he’s a pusillanimous parasite.

  16. Melodie Harris says:

    i swear, Trump talks like he’s stoned

  17. Gwen Lusane says:

    The doctor is scatching his chin thinking…”this darn idiot”

  18. Uncle Billy says:

    Trump: “I’m hoping to have the country back open by Easter.”
    COVID-19: *It’s free real estate*

    • Shahnul Islam says:

      Speaking of real state, the orange clown is bleeding money because of his resorts , hotels and golf clubs are shut down about 1/2 mill a day if not more. Thats why the stimulus package failed because he was gonna swipe some of it for his own companies.

  19. Mark Markem says:

    I voted this guy but will not again. He’s real good at talking for hours and saying absolutely nothing of substance

  20. henry rudolph says:

    Kaitlan Collins: “Who suggested Easter…………who suggested that date?”
    Trump: “I just thought it was a beautiful time?” WTF answer is that?
    Then Dr. Fauci totally contradicts Trump
    Empirical Knowledge wins over Trump’s fairyland dribble!

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