From “SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY” 2017* ——–
DIR: Wolf Haley
DP: Luis Panch Perez
PRO:Happy Place

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56 Responses

  1. FunForSameer says:

    yoo how tf is 2019 five months away?

  2. Ali Ganji says:

    who else wants a friendship like tylers and ASAP’s

  3. Garrett Pahl says:

    The Rocky cameos tho

  4. safarixx says:

    This. Is. Art.

  5. michael Longford says:

    This video seems pretty tame compared to his older stuff.

  6. she go says:

    I love Tyler so much, he’s so talented

  7. Hhurnis Wang says:

    Cinematography is BOMB AF!

  8. Shake Dat says:

    The cinematography is so dope!
    Especially that shot at 1:15 πŸ”₯

  9. Prod. Steven says:

    Any artists wanna work?

  10. Captain BlaumΓΌtze says:

    Nice Song πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    German Trends πŸ‘

  11. PROMO FUNK 041 says:


  12. yerinnn says:

    bro, my favorite song of his πŸ™‚

  13. Timon says:

    This dude is always jumping on something. First, he jumped on that lady’s butt in “Tamale”. Now he is jumping on dudes heads
    ……….But great video tho

  14. yerinnn says:


  15. yerinnn says:

    *Tyler stepping on people is a mood*

  16. yerinnn says:

    *nah, skrt skrt skrt skrt*

  17. Radio Killed Music says:

    Ayy number one trending!!

  18. fahrenheit sounds says:

    This is hot! Like 212 degrees Fahrenheit

  19. ChilledCheese says:

    Tyler the Creator likes cheese

  20. BrennanCheatwoodMovies says:

    #1 ON TRENDING – 8/9/18 12:30PM EST

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