See You Soon, Bruce – Funhaus News

See You Soon, Bruce – Funhaus News

You heard right. Ol’ Papa Bruce is moving on, but we knocked him over the head with table leg and strapped him to a chair for one more chat before he could run screaming for the door. Love you, brother.

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53 Responses

  1. Florian clae says:

    After watching every day around 5 years, this is my first comment:
    Best of luck Bruce !

    The silent fanbase

  2. Regalt of Viria says:

    After that I just hope Benson wont leave FH to start his own business..

  3. vicente tapia says:

    Iv been here since inside gaming. This is tough.

  4. Shinegamikira says:

    Good luck Bruce! I hope you will continue to stream =^_^=

  5. Deathmeter says:

    Its crazy to me that Bruce is gone because i always saw him, adam and james as the unbreakable 3. they play off eachother so fucking well and i cant wait to see him again in a funhaus video.

  6. Aniki says:

    This time I wish it really was a click bait title

  7. George Berry says:

    When I first heard that Bruce was leaving I’ll admit I was shocked and even a little angry. “Not Funhaus, c’mon why do they have to change?” No other channel has as consistently and uniquely given me the funnies with each and every vid. Over the years I grew to love the distinct personalities you guys each have and see you guys as that youtube family I go to when the real world has got me down. Now that I’ve had some time to process Bruce’s departure I want to wholeheartedly wish him only the best in his new ventures, and thank him for all the joy he has brought into my life. Live on and prosper my sweet little wheezing man.

  8. Joseph Ciszewski says:

    Say it ain’t soooooo… This Bruce is a Disk Breaker

  9. TenTonNuke says:

    On behalf of everyone, allow me to say, “Reel Big Fish mahabala brumbala ska came first (wheeze) (fart) we can show that.”

    B for Bruce
    B for Best of luck

  10. The Incredible Mr. B says:

    I’m a tad hurt, but I’m glad Bruce is moving on and doing what he wants. Good luck and have fun, Bruce! We’re rooting for you bro!!

  11. jetagesuave says:

    *Bruce comes back from sabbatical*
    Bruce: ight imma head out

  12. Ozan Kuloglu says:

    Bruce is doing something that makes him happy
    All of us: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYES!!!1

  13. ericvona24 says:

    This hits hard. Harder than spoole leaving. Harder than Joel leaving.

  14. Iron Shard says:

    And always remember.. Ska came BEFORE Reggae!

  15. Tora Hibiki says:

    *First Spoole*

    *Then Joel*

    *Now Bruce*

    This day extracts a heavy Toll.

  16. Jackson Powers says:

    This is how YouTube news should be presented. So articulate and respectful and such a positive dialogue

  17. Marius Schoeman says:

    “Footage not found.”

    How dare you toy with my emotions like this!?

    All the best, Bruce.
    From Snootboot and Co!

  18. Kyle Desjardins says:

    Bruce: “Start my own business”

    Me: C O M E O N D O W N T O B R U C E ‘ S G O O S E S

  19. Infamous Zephon says:

    ?, good luck Bruce Moose, you, James, and Adam will forever be my favorite youtube trio. Wont be the same. But im looking forward to see what you will accomplish

  20. Crash Bandicoot says:

    Alanah isn’t in this video but i’m glad to see peake being recognized as one of the cores of FH because he has been an editor/producer since Inside Gaming Daily

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