Seinfeld – Kramer gets a job – TCB

Seinfeld – Kramer gets a job – TCB

Kramer starts working at Brant Leland.

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20 Responses

  1. Mrtraveler01 says:

    The poster ad on the subway (H2$) is for a Broadway play called “How to
    Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”. I wonder if that was a subtle
    joke. Because if it was, that was very clever.

  2. jizzdizz1 says:

    rofl at kramer laughing at the very end

  3. Handy Koesnadie says:

    One of the best moments in Seinfeld.

  4. Emil Z says:

    New briefcase: $100
    Crackers: $6
    Subway ride: $3
    Shinning your shoes at the water cooler: $0
    Getting fired from a job you never had in the first place: priceless

  5. cosmosgato says:

    Kramer made the show

  6. Chloe Fletcher says:

    kramer gets fired from a job he doesn’t work for and George pretends to be
    handicapped. Every time I hear this song I think of these two episodes.
    like in my grocery store the other day, it came on and I couldn’t help but
    laugh like goober out loud. people staring at me. Seinfeld never gets old.

  7. zacksteve89 says:

    haralabob brought me here

  8. Grindstone says:

    Alright, who linked this vid to reddit?

  9. Jay Lacky says:

    If Kayne can get Best Rap Song of 2013 award at the Grammys for Niggas in
    Paris, then I believe an Italian has a right to say it to shut hecklers up,
    I know society says “No, Kayne deserves millions and accolades and the
    Grammy for titling it in a song, that’s freedom of speech, but when an
    Italian says it during a comedy routine to shut people up, it’s racist” but
    I’m too smart to buy into cherry picking which entertainers gets to express
    their freedom of speech and which don’t.

  10. Amanda Iswalt says:

    Why is this trending ?

  11. aonetwolove says:

    love the Sein!

  12. Touch of Chaos says:

    I love this show

  13. Lord Nermal says:

    w t f

  14. Alexander DeLarge says:

    They all end up in prison

  15. Happiness Bunny says:

    The trending section is broken again

  16. Derek Tigner says:

    I wish he’d return to stand up

  17. Edjaher Lopez says:

    Did reddit do this

  18. Notice Thee says:

    seinfeld is the best sitcom ever

  19. Dismemberment says:

    A E S T H E T I C 1 9 9 0

  20. LeNsCake Kdi says:

    Uploaded on Mar 1, 2007. I can’t believed this video on Trending!