Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)

Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)

Selena Gomez and Jimmy go head-to-head eating spicy wings that get progressively hotter as Hot Ones host Sean Evans grills them with questions.

Selena stars in the new movie The Dead Don’t Die in theaters on Friday, June 14th.

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Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)


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63 Responses

  1. Colin Ball says:

    If Jimmy were to go on hot ones, and not be the interviewer, I would watch it

  2. Britney Spears says:

    Selena *screams in pain

    “IT WAS GUM, IT WAS GUUM!!!“ ??????

  3. Gabrielle Rose says:

    Classic jimmy overreacting…..oh wait. This is hot ones. They don’t play ❤️?

  4. Gabino Gudino says:

    Selena: “It’s not that bad”
    Me: First time?
    *2 mins later*
    Me: Yea, first time

  5. Vicky Pender says:

    1. I love Sean’s raspy voice he’s really the perfect host 🙂
    2. Great job Jimmy for cleaning the wings!!!
    3. Selena’s mood shift was everything ?

  6. Bet says:

    I missed to see Selena on shows I’m so happy right now ❤

  7. A N says:

    *Pulls out Stanley Cup*

    Me:Weird flex but ok

  8. iReddKenny says:

    As soon as I saw Da Bomb was included in the lineup, a sadistic smile fell upon my face ?

  9. Anushka Nag says:


  10. R02E says:

    proud of sean for getting bigger platform now congrats man i been watching your show since the beginning

  11. Odi says:

    God, I still have the BIGGEST crush on Selena ???

  12. MalditoKicks says:

    Sean killed that outro! I see a potential late night host developing

  13. Jeffrey Kyle says:

    Jimmy could take some notes from the world’s greatest interviewer.

    • mank demelord says:

      Jeffrey Kyle Sean Evans is truly on of the great interviewers, like Graham Norton and Nardwuar.

  14. Joyeeta Das says:

    I got tears in my eyes just by WATCHING them eat that last wing. ?

  15. Sophie says:


  16. Adrian Villalba says:

    Here we got one of the BEST HOST of all time and of course we got Jimmy as well

  17. Nick Howe says:

    Put my man Sean Evans’ name in the title! Don’t do him like that

  18. Candy Anderson says:

    I have literally missed Selena ‘!!! Thank you for this video !!!

  19. Big Travis says:

    Selena’s definitely the
    HOTTEST SAUCE at that table

  20. mano ranjith says:

    Jimmy-Ewe ohh ahh????
    Selena – what are you doing

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