Selena Gomez – Good For You (Explicit) ft. A$AP ROCKY

Selena Gomez – Good For You (Explicit) ft. A$AP ROCKY

Get “Good For You” ft. A$AP Rocky on iTunes now:

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20 Responses

  1. me nine says:

    holy shit <333333

  2. sandayyvip says:

    ASAP Rocky’s part was amazing

  3. GlitterOutlaw says:

    +Erkhes Batjargal you misspelled Selena gomez

  4. King Antonio says:

    they should’ve released this originally tbh.

  5. Albatool Abass says:

    Holy MARIEEEE 😭😍

  6. Francesco Marano says:

    dig the song and video. here’s a write-up we did about it:

  7. Andrew Leaf says:

    ASAP ruined it…. What was that hand thing 😐😐

  8. MarylizAnn says:

    Tbh…. This is the worst video ever. Selena has done. If it was suppose to
    be sexy, I did not get that. It felt creepy to watch. The editing was
    terrible because everything was all over the place. BUT! I really love this
    version of this song better 😁👍🏾.

  9. Liz Olivares says:

    I love you Selena

  10. Yildiz Demir says:

    harika lan sjkd 😘

  11. Raquelle Robinson says:

    3:39 asap randomly walking😂

  12. Rebecka B says:

    Love this video so much better Rhen the first one :)

  13. MrFunfactz says:

    fucking terrible song

    the video is pretty bad as well

  14. Mwaka M. says:

    Selena is honestly so beautiful 😍

  15. Leticia Jauregui says:


  16. Simge Gündag says:

    yuh bu kadar mı izlenim aldı

  17. Kaden Beck says:

    Look good for yourself, not anyone else.

  18. Carmen M. says:


  19. Rebecca Cross says:

    I thought this would be explicit because she was showing too much, but in
    reality she is just laying on the floor, like a dog having a seizure.

  20. Amira Belazi says:

    i love it since im a selenator <3