Selena Gomez – Same Old Love / Good For You – Medley (Live From SNL)

Selena Gomez – Same Old Love / Good For You – Medley (Live From SNL)

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20 Responses

  1. Linda Lopez says:

    She sounded amazing !! Iam so proud of you queen selly ?

  2. Bella Amaya says:

    She just gets better and better

  3. Lily Barajas says:


  4. Arleni C says:

    OMG can Queen get any more perfect ❤️?? !!! I’m like dying for the
    Revival Tour ?

  5. Elaine Kush says:

    Guy! I memorized the whole dance!

  6. Mikey BB says:

    Selena is a very good singer and a great performer and she has such an
    amazing story and her voice carries very well. But the sound is not
    effortless for her, its something she really has to work for and that’s
    fine. She’s still super talented and i love her so much. Ariana’s vocal
    ability is very natural and exceeds the expectations of what a vocalist
    should be. Selena has a lower voice and therefore her sound is naturally
    more defined and sultry. Ariana’s is spans a wide range but is naturally
    higher and more powerful and softer. Point is they both have talent and
    work their asses off to put on a good show. They are both singers and
    performers but at the end of the day its like comparing apples to oranges.
    People need to just let them live and do their thing, they have careers and
    fans for a reason, why can’t we just support them all?

  7. Joel Niedrich says:

    she is great,love her!

  8. Damian Ramirez says:

    does anyone think she goes through these comments if she does then HI
    SELENA GOMEZ IM A BIG FAN 🙂 if not then i look stupid XD

  9. Anna Bruce says:

    oh my god this was absolutely amazing and she can definitely sing!!

  10. queen isabella says:


  11. ANGELA CHS MUSIC says:

    vocals on point

  12. bhdancer44 says:

    she sounded really good here ?

  13. Paul Garcia says:

    Omg the end of same old love ??

  14. DropItLikeGomez says:

    That performance was beautiful! I’m so proud of you, queen. Your childhood
    dream came true. I can’t wait for the day to come to see you hosting SNL.
    Incredible job, babe. I love you so much! ???

  15. G Norm says:

    That dress is killer

  16. Catherine Ford says:

    Hey voice has gotten MUCH better. She sounds really good

  17. Johnathan Leavell says:

    Outstanding! I loved it.

  18. AidsAndSyphillis says:

    its kind of boring how she just stands there

  19. djtravieso07 says:

    That transition was flawless

  20. Demoon悪魔 says:

    She’s farting carrots guys and we’re sitting here talking about her amazing
    voice and beauty what about her health