Selena Gomez Table Dancing To Rihanna’s ‘Work’

Selena Gomez Table Dancing To Rihanna’s ‘Work’

Selena Gomez let loose in a big way this weekend in a Texas bar … fueled with what we’re told is tequila and dancing on a table.
We got this video of the singer at the Reata rooftop in Ft. Worth, and it’s as clear as the booze she’s no longer that Disney star Bieber grew to love.
You gotta love her even more now, right?

Justin Bieber — Missin’ Selena Again (Photo)

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20 Responses

  1. gigglyfitzgirl says:


  2. Jessy Daniels says:

    she’s literally celebrating that her cousins just got engaged… this isn’t
    news.. she’s not a slut cause than in the case so am I for dancing on a

  3. Official Lil Chrissy says:


  4. C4 O2 says:

    Girl dance – Slut; Boy dance = hot.
    WOW DOUBLE STANDARD! and people her best friend/cousin got engaged and they
    were having some fun with family members!

  5. Laura Strachowska says:


  6. Jolanda Raimann says:

    Stupito made in USA

  7. Jolanda Raimann says:

    They use their Brain for shiting

  8. Akrinaful says:

    anyone call it attention whore !

  9. Alex Wetherell says:

    What’s wrong with her hands they look strange

  10. Trolltama 93 says:


  11. Tabby .S says:

    Is that it? She is too innocent to be ‘sexy’ why can’t she just accept that
    it’s never gonna happen Selena …NEVER!

  12. Liliana Higuera says:

    can you prove that she’s a slut and that’s that Selena

  13. Jahmir McNair says:

    okay im sick of the fucking comments. let her have fun and dance or do
    whatever. she wasn’t twerking she was most definitely dancing. so she pops
    a little butt and suddenly she’s a slut. stop slut shamming get over
    yourselves and get a life all of you. she’s the rich and famous one and
    you’re the one sitting at fucking home criticising a PROFESSIONAL for
    having fun and dancing on a table. just know most of you commenters are
    just PATHETIC… y’all still listen to and buy her music tho so its all
    good and she still making them bucks though so… you can take y’all flat
    ass “Oh She’s dancing on a table so she must be twerking” looking asses
    back to where the fuck you came from. sitting on your couch wishing to be a
    true queen that can slay like her.

  14. Mariah Casey says:

    HOW is she a slut?

  15. Adriana Baltar Blanco says:

    she slays in everything she does, end of the story

  16. Nichelle G says:

    Big fuckin whoop!

  17. catalina says:

    QUEEN? im in love with selena?

  18. Chris Widger says:

    People on the internet are so bad at insulting others lmao

  19. Jxmie says:

    cringe af

  20. Tyrone Spears says: