Señorita World Premiere – 10PM ET tonight

Señorita World Premiere – 10PM ET tonight

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48 Responses

  1. Amanda Y says:

    HELLO???? I shipped them from day one and wanted yall to know

  2. Caroline Morais says:

    Muito ansiosa pela música, mas ñ shippo Shawn e Camilla
    Love you Shawn ❤ BR ??

  3. Sarah Hamdan says:

    I am really excited I am gussing the song will be more of a story which is really cool!

  4. Naidelyn Trujillo says:

    Director: How emotionally unstable do your want your fans?

    Shawn&Camila: YES!

  5. Jessica Serén says:

    Director: How much hotness do you want in the video?

    Shawn & Camila: YES!

  6. Pretty Hussain says:

    I’ve always wanted these two together but now I’m kinda jealous urghh ?

  7. Hehe Hehe says:

    Director: how shock you want your fans to be?

    Shawn: yEs

  8. Antuanet Tapia palomino says:

    La latina reportándose :v
    (Autolike para sobrevivir)

  9. Eloisa Bueno says:

    Aí meu coraçãozinho lindo, eu esperava tanto isso. Será que vai ter beijo Shawmila??? ??

  10. Gandy 2 says:

    God making Shawn : lets add some hotness

    *drops the whole bottle*

    God: and I oop-

  11. Balish says:

    If they Kiss In The music Video Im Screaming ??

  12. Safiyah Ali says:

    Camilla and Shawn : gets married

    Also camilla and Shawn : no guys we’re best friends

  13. Abbi2 m says:

    Remember when they were asked about their relationship and they were like
    “Nah we just friends”
    Okay…….. but like the facts disagree

  14. eva m says:

    shawn’s director: are you planning on like giving your fans heart attacks?
    shawn: yes

  15. Rayane Ferreira says:

    Ahhh que lindossssss???

  16. teagan kara says:

    director: isn’t this despacito 2?

    shawn & camila: SeÑoRiTa!¡!¡!¡

  17. Jackie ! says:

    ¿Cuántos latinos aquí por Camila ?

    Amo este dúo 🙂

  18. Allison Olazabal says:

    I love how it’s a “World Premiere” when he’s singing with Camila

  19. A awesheep says:

    Shawn? Mendes
    Me? dead
    Hotel? Trivago
    Kisses? Poland

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