Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) Snowball in the Senate (C-SPAN)

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) Snowball in the Senate (C-SPAN)

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) displays and tosses a snowball in the Senate. Watch more here:

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20 Responses

  1. Kyle Neithamer says:

    It’s dark outside right now. THE SUN DOESN’T EXIST! It’s NEVER going to be
    light outside. Just look how dark it is at night right NOW!

  2. GDim says:

    Wow, what a dumbass. Poor americans, being governed by this man….

  3. Spart11701 says:

    Maybe, one day, people gona start to think by them self. Maybe…

  4. joteo says:

    I’m wondering if someone can be more ridiculous than him

  5. Tommy Marshall says:

    This man has been denying that anything is at all wrong with the
    environment for at least two decades. He was an early proponent of the
    “Greenpeace is in it for the money” argument. He doesn’t mention that the
    oil and gas industry is the largest contributor to his campaigns.

  6. Ray Kenyon says:

    I’m not a scientists but I’m still going to disagree with scientist because
    I’m “selectively Stupid” due to my interpretation of my religion or because
    corporations are giving me money.

  7. tim nguyen says:

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen

  8. Aaron Monse says:

    Stupid, useless motherfuckers like this have no place in politics or any
    position of authority.

  9. Alex Johnson says:

    I just ate some food guys, don’t worry world hunger doesn’t exist.

  10. Damilola Adekanye says:

    This is painfully stupid

  11. koustav de says:

    that snowball proved lack of brains not lack of global warming!

  12. Bill Barany says:

    Who voted for this incompetent pawn-itician? Is he older than when science
    was invented? Does he think he is smarter than NASA and the consensus of
    world scientists? OR is he just a pawn of his top campaign contributors?
    (Devon Energy, Murray Energy, Koch Industries, OGE Energy, Cononco Phillips
    and more right wing conservative groups) He proves America has the best
    democracy the energy industry can buy!

  13. T New says:

    There is no hope. I can’t believe this is real 

  14. Dwayne Yoesting says:

    Please, please don’t think us Okies are as stupid as this idiot. I don’t
    think anyone can be that dumb. D.C. February = unseasonably cold? I didn’t
    vote for Dumhoffe. Geez.

  15. ThePimV says:

    And like every science denier rather then learning about it, They rather
    stay willfully ingorant

  16. Heimdude says:

    Well someone will be remembered as an idiot in the history books a decades
    years from now

  17. edvolve says:

    absolutely priceless!

  18. beastson says:

    Is this idiot serious? What a disgrace to humanity LOL.

  19. PureDetroit says:

    wow. this guys is ignorant. 

  20. kaiban42 says:

    so bringing snow from outside the building in a plastic bag and heaving it
    inside, disproves global warming? what an asshole