Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Talks Allegations Against Steve Wynn, Calling For Al Franken To Step Down

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Talks Allegations Against Steve Wynn, Calling For Al Franken To Step Down

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55 Responses

  1. Isaias Calderon says:

    Typical deflection of a Republican… Meghan is unreal! I really wish she would go away!

  2. Nav Sohanpaul says:

    Kirsten Gillibrand lost all credibility in the fight against sexual assault when she brought *Emma Sulkowicz* , someone that falsely accused a man of rape, to the State of the Union.

  3. YellowFLASH 2 says:

    Gillibrand is a puppet for her donors just like the corporate democrats and all republicans! We need a progressive like Bernie Sanders!

  4. Kimber Powers says:

    Meghan is a whiny miserable millennial piglet. For the love of god, please bring back Elisabeth. She was the original and there hasn’t been anyone good enough to replace her since she left. This is outrageous. As a real republican, I don’t even mind if Ana join permanently to be honest, even though she’s not center right. Meghan is trying to straddle the fence because she wants a foot back in at Fox, a crowd who doesn’t even like her or her father. She’s absurd.

  5. OneUltimateWarrior says:

    Kirsten Gillibrand goes wherever the wind takes her.

    • R Navs says:

      OneUltimateWarrior so true! She only does things that are advantageous to her political career.

    • Stretch Shorty says:

      R Navs That’s what everybody should be doing. It’s called networking…

    • kickinitwithmydawg says:

      Stretch Shorty – I think you don’t know what networking is in the context of the above. What they are talking about is called flip flopping. She has no firm stance on anything and can change like the wind changes direction.

    • Sosua Pimp says:

      She was once an A rating NRA congress woman,now she is a tool for cuck schumer

  6. MZ Phillips says:

    Kirsten Gillibrand says Franken is her friend. Wow, with friends like her he doesn’t need enemies.

  7. Dianna Shepherd says:

    How about you start the movement! She just wanted Franken out of the way! She is full of crap. How Dow you know they are credible, did you interview them?

  8. CubeduBorg says:

    The most inane phrase in America these days…”having a national conversation”

  9. greenstarlight0 says:

    Would never vote for her. She isn’t a progressive just a conservative hiding behind the Democrat label.

  10. RobdaVegasMailman says:

    Funny how Behar completely ignores the fact that there was photographic evidence against Franken…or how Franken was allowed to leave on his own timeline while black Congressman John Conyers of Michigan (a civil rights icon and a co founder of the Congressional Black Caucus) was pressured into immediate resignation. Hypocritical and racist much, Democrats? :)~

    • je eleftheria says:

      funny how you completely ignore trump the fraud saying on tape he commits sexual assault. but it’s just locker room banter, right? and the 19 women who accuse the con man are ALL lying, right?

    • RobdaVegasMailman says:

      Oh, the ladies that mostly ran to Gloria Allred? Yeah…there’s credibility personified. Snicker…so, do you have any photographic evidence to support their claims, or is all that you have “Trump said some mean things and hurt my feelings?” Yeah, I figured as much. Thanks for playing…we have lovely parting gifts backstage. :)~

    • jeommy kin says:

      RobdaVegasMailman he wasn’t even touching her in that picture… she’s wearing a flak jacket

    • RobdaVegasMailman says:

      BWAHAHA…THAT”S your excuse? He was busted, he was guilty…or he wouldn’t have resigned. There’s also pictures of him grabbing Behar, though admittedly, those are “joking.” Still, even as a laugh, I wouldn’t grab that fossil. She’s so old, her taint is haunted.

    • jeommy kin says:

      RobdaVegasMailman i didn’t say he was innocent.

  11. Jennifer Hertzler says:

    I can’t stand her she will never be president

  12. elmurodedavid says:

    Megan destroyed her XD

  13. Righteous God says:

    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand played dumb and didn’t want to talk about how Hillary covered up for a well known sexual harasser on her staff…she completely deflected her answer away. Master politicians always cover for friends misbehavior.

  14. Samuel Gonzalez says:

    That Ana is magical.

  15. Dr Dank says:

    Joy has made this show absolutely unwatchable.

  16. Zak. says:

    now she wants to speak out.

  17. Emmanuel Jones says:

    Thank yon Joy for really laying into Her! Because I for one wasn’t feeling that Senator Franken was forced to resigned.

    • kickinitwithmydawg says:

      Emmanuel Jones – please. it’s impossible to lay anything to corporate dems who think they are already the pronounced president and they can’t lose against Trump. They pivot so fast, your head will spin.

  18. 2 Frisky Felines says:

    I can’t stand Joy’s hypocrisy.

  19. Ryan Locking says:

    Democratics are such hypocritics, say and do anything to get your vote.

    • J Domes says:

      yes what a hypocrite, by wanting people to be held accountable, regardless of their political affiliation. What planet are you on?

    • kickinitwithmydawg says:

      J Domes — accountability and democrats don’t belong in the same sentence. where were you in the last election? hiding under a rock?

  20. Valentina Loraels says:

    Joy you are right ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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