Sen. McConnell Refuses to Let Sen. Warren Speak About Attorney General Nominee Sessions

Sen. McConnell Refuses to Let Sen. Warren Speak About Attorney General Nominee Sessions

Senator Elizabeth Warren was cut off from speaking on the Senate floor about Attorney General nominee Senator Jeff Sessions, by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, on February 7, 2017

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20 Responses

  1. FMT -MUA says:

    McConnell is such a whiney baby! Grow TF up!

  2. Andrew Cousins says:

    RIDICULOUS!! McConnell is worthless!

  3. Ken SB Thompson says:

    I would punch the turtle in the face and send him back to his swamp

  4. BLAIR M Schirmer says:

    “Impugning Sessions” means “telling the truth about Sessions.”

    Sorry, snowflakes. The racist nominee, Sessions, couldn’t withstand having
    the truth told about him. The coward, McConnell, has to silence Warren
    using cheap floor tactics. Pitiful.

  5. Eric Ryan says:

    Mitch the bitch is a pathetic puke.

  6. Stikibits says:

    Mitch the corporate bitch is a disgrace!!!

  7. Sydney Overton says:

    I would condone this sort of behavior from any party. Members of a
    democratic society should listen fully to all viewpoints, even those they
    disagree with. Everyone can learn something valuable from everyone else,
    even those that seem diametrically opposed to them. This is disgraceful.

  8. River says:

    He is disgusting. Period !

  9. Martin W says:

    Some serious Orwellian shit!

  10. Chad Z says:

    If Sessions is such a great nominee, then they should let Warren speak,
    nothing should be able to change anyones mind. They’re obviously afraid
    this letter. It makes them look like weak, pitiful impotent little men.

  11. Shirley Naylor says:

    Death of democracy.

  12. Safura Salam says:

    SHE IS READING FROM THE OFFICIAL RECORD!!! Coretta Scott King’s letter is
    part of the official record from the LAST TIME they had a confirmation
    hearing on this bastard!

  13. Kirito says:

    McConnell is an ass ….poor Warren. They won’t take her down though.

  14. KillAllTheRednecks2 says:

    McConnell is the most craven, cowardly, most corrupt piece of shit that
    ever crawled onto the Senate floor! Even Joe McCarthy had more dignity than
    this vile turtle-like creature!

  15. Michelle Baxter says:

    Democrats have been silencing conservatives for 8 years! How does it feel?
    Not so fun to be ignored, to be seen as unimportant. I laugh at you,

  16. Sal Bolainez says:

    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Mcconnell burn in HELL you POS!!!!!!!

  17. Anne Milligan says:

    I hate Mitch McConnell!! What a lame bastard!!!

  18. Pluto Mars says:

    Warren is a hero

  19. seagha'n says:

    administration has to STOP !!! WAKE UP, RESIST AND GET OUT ON THE STREET ,
    CALL YOUR senator call your mayor call your parasites !!! WAKE UP Jeff
    sessions IS NOT 100% 1000% FOR AMERICANS !!!

  20. jigsawnq says:

    Bahahahahah. Let the libtard tears flow.

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