Sen. Rand Paul blocks $40B Ukraine aid package

Sen. Rand Paul blocks $40B Ukraine aid package

Nexstar’s Basil John reports.

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15 Responses

  1. Louis Nealon says:

    They can always find the money when they want to EXCEPT when it comes to providing Americans with a proper (one payor) health insurance system.

  2. Jason Castle says:

    I like how this guy talks down to him with “junior senator”.

    • Mary Jones says:

      @Mike T I’m sure “Scumer” meant it to be hostile.

    • RonPaulOrDie says:

      They definitely leaned on and suffocated the word “former” when Trump left.

    • Mike T says:

      It’s not disrespectful it’s exactly how they always refer to senators. He is the junior senator, McConnell is the senior senator from Kentucky. If paul jad been in office longer he would be the senior. Its actually a respect thing not a disrespect. When McConnell retires Paul will be the senior senator.

    • nugger blex says:

      @Kim Kulesa calm down boomer

  3. Louis Burns says:

    You have a moral obligation to take care of Americans, and especially since we have to pay for it as taxes payers.

  4. promontorium says:

    Even if I ultimately disagree with Paul on this, $40 billion should probably have a vote on record or I can’t take our government seriously anymore.

  5. Patthana Sayaraj says:

    There’s nothing wrong with asking for a receipt of purchase if the money isn’t yours to spend freely, to begin with.

  6. Postcards from Maine says:

    $40 Billion is 60% of Russia’s yearly military budget. Damn right we should slow down and think of better ways Americans can help Americans.

  7. some one says:

    You should ask the American People what they want to do with their money 👍

  8. Simon F says:

    But, they can feed and line their own pockets.

  9. Lameed Rahman says:

    We need those money to take of us. Thanks sen paul

  10. M L says:

    Thank God for Rand Paul!

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