Senator Bernie Sanders on Debating Trump

Senator Bernie Sanders on Debating Trump

Senator Sanders talks about the possibility of debating Donald Trump and competing against Secretary Hillary Clinton in California.

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Senator Bernie Sanders on Debating Trump

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20 Responses

  1. Chris Tsuke says:

    the Peoples Knight will crush the Orange monster !!!


  2. Harry W says:

    Hillary paid a million dollars so 397 people would dislike this. Bernie
    paid 4500 people 0$ to like this.

  3. Hunter says:

    So glad Hillary is the Democratic nominee! She has worked her ass off for
    our party for 40+ years and provides a breadth of knowledge greater than
    any other candidate. :)

  4. Ed R. says:

    Bernie or Bust

  5. flakemike says:

    I felt bad for this guy. Although I have major different point of view
    about the things he supports, it’s very stupid and vile to have Clinton
    over him. Super delegates need to go. It belongs to 200 years ago and some
    shithead brought it back in 1984.

  6. AriamFilms says:

    Trump for #pres and Bernie for #vp

  7. Indho S says:

    i am a muslim. i would over chose Bernie a “jew” man over 1000 time than
    Hillary and drumpf. And majority of muslim americans voted for him bc of
    his visions. They didn’t care his race. And imagine that orange guy still
    says muslim hates america.

  8. Donald Trump's Glorious Hair says:

    Why is Bernie staring Jimmy in the face? He’s supposed to lean back on the
    chair and look at Jimmy but also face the audience.

  9. Peter Hagen says:

    the black handshake to pander to the millenials and the black youth.

  10. Joseph Fago says:

    He had better, that would be incredible TV.

  11. Sean Hiseman says:

    Trump: “I will make America great”
    Sanders: “We will make America great”

    Who has the bigger ego?

  12. Leslie Djokovic says:

    Bernie and Trump will actually both agree during their debate on how stupid
    Hillary is for not agreeing to debate either of them – so she gets left out
    and forgotten by the world. Trump and Bernie also agree that we need to
    bring jobs back to the US, all while Hillary blatantly tells blue collar
    workers “you will lose your jobs.” No wonder Hillary lost West Virginia in
    a landslide despite winning it in 2008 by a significant margin. She also
    lost Michigan because all their manufacturing is gone and she offers no
    ideas to bringing their jobs back.

  13. Luke says:

    Sanders won Michigan and didn’t even mention us… Sad day haha

  14. Snoop Eastwood says:

    Bernie is way better than hillary

  15. Libertarian Conservative says:

    I’d rather have Jim Webb. The democratic party has gone way too far to the
    left. Austin Petersen 2016!

  16. Charles with a Z says:

    Pussy Trump just backed off debate with Sanders

  17. Josh A says:

    You guys realize the value of a degree will go down the more people there
    are in college, correct? Pushing for free college could turn a job that
    pays 100k a year into a job that pays like 40k a year even less. Free
    college is ridiculous.

  18. junglecaats says:

    lol this man is stupid

  19. Pinche Ddie says:

    You’re the man Bernie!

  20. Frank Martin says:

    Bernie cucked again. No debate. Cable TV Can’t cough up 10 million?