Senator Elizabeth Warren at Banking Hearing on Consumer Finance Regulations

Senator Elizabeth Warren at Banking Hearing on Consumer Finance Regulations

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Q&A at an April 5, 2016 Senate Banking Committee hearing titled, “Assessing the Effects of Consumer Finance Regulations.”

More information about the hearing is available at

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20 Responses

  1. Corvaire Wind says:

    Bernie/Warren 2016!! ;O)-

  2. Rascallion says:


  3. George Joeckel says:

    Senator Warren, if the average US Senator had one-tenth of your
    intelligence, integrity and passion, what an amazing country we would have.
    Today is my birthday, and watching this video has been the second-best part
    of my day (first was having my wife and three kids singing “Happy
    Birthday”). Madam, you are my hero.

  4. Faris Young says:

    damn, even if they wanted to fire him they couldn’t. Or maybe he wanted to
    quit but they forced him to remain on payroll untill he cleaned up his
    filthy mess.

  5. Déjà Voodoo says:

    LOVE IT! I knew this was gonna be good! Go Senator Warren!

  6. Jessica Blesses says:

    Go Liz Go!!!!

  7. roman2011 says:


  8. Fred Nagle says:

    I felt that burn

  9. Seth Manning says:

    She better be president at some point, ❤️

  10. Seth Manning says:

    Republicans wanting a complete failure who caused bankruptcy

    Hmm… Mirrors Presidential election well

  11. phatdog45 says:

    Marry me

  12. zozocalifornia says:

    Oh rip, rip, rip. When is this woman going to be president — or is that
    just too scary a thought.

  13. Brian Bock says:

    Ass was handed, kicked, and its name was recorded. I wish she would have
    run for President. But she would make a good VP. For Bernie. I think it
    would be pointless to work for Hillary. She’d be like Obama and let Wall
    Street go unquestioned and unpunished.

  14. killkong says:

    I live for these political diss sessions

  15. Brandon Walker says:

    You would think republicans would pin this on the Clinton administration
    for deregulating but instead they’re defending his decision, oh the irony.
    I feel bad for the ignorance of my party

  16. WheelmanGames says:

    God Bless CSPAN for moments like these. If we had all spent more time
    watching our representatives on TV during their daily lives on the job, we
    would have a far more educated reason for why we voted for these ppl.

    Without CSPAN, we would literally be as blind as we all like to call one

  17. 4tech69 says:

    Hmm.. Rekt.

  18. Ethan Zachary says:

    Fuck Hillary & Bernie…Warren for president!

  19. chickendinner2012 says:

    Keep up the great work! #Bernie2016

  20. MacKeyser says:

    The only thing missing from that video was “Finish Him!” and “Flawless