Senator Steve Daines Ignores Concerned Constituents Demanding a Town Hall Meeting

Senator Steve Daines Ignores Concerned Constituents Demanding a Town Hall Meeting

Senator Steve Daines Ignores Concerned Constituents Demanding a Town Hall Meeting.

After concerning votes in favor of Trump cabinet appointees clearly at odds with Montanan values, after a repulsive statement outlining his explicit support for Trump’s offensive and unconstitutional Muslim ban, and after weeks of trying to get through to our elected official Steve Daines, we’re demanding a Town Hall.

What does he have to say to his concerned consituents? Nothing but a “thumbs up” as he’s driving away.

Resistance is NOT futile, and Montanans will NOT be excluded from their democracy.

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20 Responses

  1. Tom Harvey says:

    Apparently, Trump has grabbed congress by the Daines.

  2. Shamar Walters - NBC News says:

    hello, I work for NBC News. Did you take this video? IF so could NBCU have
    permission to use it across all its platforms and for all its partners? if
    that’d be alright would you please send us an email at ?

  3. Krazy1323 says:

    Filming vertical….smh

  4. Greg Strandberg says:

    Daines is a huge loser. Despite that, Dems won’t be able to beat him in
    2020 in Montana.

  5. Yes Imsure says:

    You mean he didn’t respond to being screamed at on street?


  6. 3wayswest says:

    #7 on trending and doesn’t even have 500 views………………

  7. Andrew Bauer says:

    While everybody complains about this being on trending, no one’s focusing
    on the real issue of this video

    Why tf is this filmed vertical

  8. Mario J says:

    looks like paid protesters again just like they did with jason chaffetz in

  9. skyeler k says:

    Republicans literally cant survive unless they are in a safe space. What a
    bunch of special snowflakes they are

  10. NickTrickMC says:

    1k views and trending???

  11. Espionage Snail says:

    This was posted on February 10ths. It has nearly 3000 views. Why is this
    trending? I’ve seen videos with 30,000 views in one day and they don’t

  12. MrButtlettuce says:

    Bunch of Crybabies.

    Obama Bombed 5 of those countries banned. SMH ?‍♂️

  13. 2cents says:

    … ? You pieces of shit. We WISH it was a “Muslim ban” but unfortunately
    it’s a 90 day temporary ban of some shitty countries that are filled with
    Muslims that hate America.

  14. CaptainCore993 says:

    It’s 2017, if you can’t film sideways you shouldn’t be on the Internet.

  15. itumblers says:

    Are all democrats terrorists now?

  16. Pancake Lazaro says:

    Pffft, its Montana, a red state. What did they expect.

  17. superfisher28 says:

    YEAH WE DEMAND A TOWN HALL!…all 20 of us in Montana that voted for

  18. Adam Jones says:

    “You work for us” Ah yes, he only works for 12 rude obnoxious idiots who
    invade personal space. Email him and shut up.

  19. Will Cubes says:

    ETC, he was ignoring them because they were mobbing him. If someone did
    that to you you’ve not going to stop and answer every question, that’s
    called a press conference. Plus he was probably going to do some normal
    activity because he was wearing street clothes.

  20. PCMasterRace says:

    YouTube is just becoming more of a crap hole. “Hmmm, shall we trend a video
    of rioting against a Dem senator? Nahhh.” “How about a Repub senator? Oh
    why yes of course!”

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