Senator Ted Cruz in NH

Senator Ted Cruz in NH

Senator Ted Cruz speaks about the issues facing the country at the Turbocam facility in New Hampshire

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20 Responses

  1. jsphotos says:

    Ted Cruz is another clown who is going to use the GOP 2016 nomination race
    to raise his profile. That he’s considered a GOP contender shows how far
    the GOP has fallen.

  2. kgmoome says:

    This guy has absolutely no shame.

  3. Dennis Powell says:

    Zane … can you contact me at thanks -D

  4. kelly alexander says:

    “the obama economy is a disaster” – uh, no. no it isn’t. the economy the
    last republican president left us was a disaster. the fact you have already
    forgotten about that is very disturbing. it also proves beyond any
    reasonable argument that you are completely detached from the common
    man. Rafael Edwardo Cruz – go back to where-ever you came from and leave us

  5. Aswin Ramakrishnan says:

    Dont watch the video.. Here is a summary.. Washington.. blah blah blah..
    And that’s why I’m going to Washington to do.. blah blah blah.. *Clap Clap
    Clap*… Guns.. Pew pew pew.. And that’s why.. Blah Blah Blah #Murica .. *Clap
    Clap Clap*.. We can do this with change, first amendment, second amendment
    (the only 2 amendments that can get you claps), founding fathers,
    #WhatMuricaWasBuiltOn , people like you.. *Clap Clap Clap* — You’re

  6. Richard Long says:

    He doesn’t just scary little girls.

  7. Chris Kebbel says:

    All I can hear is Frank Underwood talking… except that Frank Underwood is
    more sane. (or perhaps less crazy?)

  8. Kung Lao says:

    How can people be this ignorant to what is actually going on? Blindly
    listening to Ted Cruz while he is spouting all this nonsense. Standing up
    for conservative principles is fine but blindly accepting what you are told
    like this is plain foolish. 

  9. Hector Diaz says:

    This is what a liar and a manipulator looks like.

  10. Carl Scruggs says:

    Craven douchebag

  11. Arsenio A. Lembert Jr. says:

    The World’s on fire?

  12. Senor T says:

    What a moron.

  13. B. Bennington says:

    He looks like a young version of Grandpa on the Munsters (lol).

  14. alchemicrb says:

    This man is a moron lol. Lets remember people, he is also against net

  15. Tamer Abouzeid says:

    The world is on fire. And we’re here to make sure it gets EVEN better.

  16. chllr2001 says:

    Nice Ted, scare little girls. 

  17. Adam Woodward says:

    I KNOW THE KID IN THE BACKGROUND! He goes to my school good kid but damn he
    listens to this? C’mon Bo!

  18. christian suarez says:

    It sucks knowing that not many people are not realising what’s really going
    on in our government. This guy and Ron Paul are legit. Please be open
    minded and not believe everything the media or Obama says is right, the
    people need to do their research. 

  19. Remember Ethics says:

    “Yes! *Your* world is on fire!” Ugh. Smug, short-sighted pandering.

  20. JRSportBrief says:

    Yes, little girl. Your world is on fire.