Senator’s tax rant goes viral

Senator’s tax rant goes viral

Democratic senators took to Twitter to criticize the GOP tax bill’s process before it was eventually passed by 51 Republican senators.

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115 Responses

  1. ASMRHype says:

    Obamacare was thicker stop whining

    • Twitter Rage says:

      Michael Kim I guess you like being slave to Obama’s communism fines for not getting heath care

    • julian hobrough says:

      ASMRHype Can you read 500 pages in three hours? Furthermore, can you read?

    • John Doran says:

      ASMRHype f/y!

    • PS Wright says:

      Gee, a system that was supposed to create a whole new program to provide medical care for the entire country in perpetuity is thicker than a tax amendment? Go figure. But, and here’s the really important bit, the congress had over a YEAR to read it, debate it, analyze it, and make changes. The Republicans literally wrote over a dozen addendums to that law. Yep, you’re trying yet again with the “what about” crap and yet again repeating a myth. Remember not to whine when your party is voted out in 2018 to the last man and woman. Remember when you go to pay your taxes, and discover they’ve risen on you yet again. Remember, whining is for losers.

    • Zeb Schoen says:

      “you have to pass it to see what was in it,” nancy pelosi on obama care 1800 pages

  2. David Aquilare says:

    The current tax regulations are exponentially bigger. Democrats complaining as always LOL

    • Littos Alive says:

      David Aquilare more dumb lies from poor white trash. Typical. You have 2 more weeks until your Internet is throttled to death so who the he’ll cares what lies you say. Tell party you know and love will soon silence you. You’re stupid enough to fall for the partisan ruse so be the pathetic steeple they expect you to be. Thank God I’m not poor. Enjoy your pathetic life at the bottom.

    • Pat Peacock says:

      David Aquilare yea you love your tax hike.

    • PS Wright says:

      NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE SIZE of the regulation, you fucking twit! That’s more Trump bs. “Hey look, ours is smaller, so it must be better!” We CARE that they came up with a 500 page bill that they gave no one even one day to read, let alone analyze. Even the Republicans DID NOT READ IT. That’s what we care about. Is this really hard to understand? Really? Or are you only pretending you don’t understand what people are pissed off about? Are you hoping to distract and change the subject somehow? It’s not going to work. People know when they’re being fed shit and told it’s a four course meal.

    • PS Wright says:

      The current tax LAW (not regulation, dumb ass) is FAIRER. Get it? It’s about not charging the people who can afford it least to give breaks to the ones who can best afford it. Hell, most rich people are saying they don’t even want or need this. It’s just a few of the Republicans’ biggest donors that are demanding it, and the Republicans are acting like fucking lap dogs, doing what their master orders and saying “fuck you” to the rest of the country. And you dorks are clapping and saying “good boy!”

    • Halo CE Magnum says:

      The Tax regulators at the IRS will inevitably add thousands upon thousands of extra pages onto this tax bill to complicate it further.
      This is only a temporary simplification of the Tax Code. The real world is complicated, so our Tax system will become more complicated to adapt to reality.

  3. JogBird says:

    stay strong republicans

  4. Michael Kim says:

    The tax bill republican just passed only benefits top upper class. Middle and poor class tax rate going to stay the same or increase over the decades. The worse part is Students in universities has to pay taxes!

    • Top Shots007 says:

      Of course… everyone has to pay taxes. This isn’t Bernie Sanders socialist idea. Also all classes will be thankful for these tax. Democrats idea of tax rate has not been helping the U.S for more than a decade. It is time to change. Donald Trump and the Republican party will help Make America Great Again.

    • Daniel Corregan says:

      Really? Because homeowners that own homes over 500k can’t write off mortgage interest on taxes anymore? Do low and middle class people own Home over 500k?

    • Eric Ramming says:

      David Aquilare you believe that asshole? If so go fuck your mother then suck your daddy’s dick!!

    • Carolyn Nigro says:

      +Daniel Corregan thank you – these people are idiots

    • Lord Chanka says:

      Wrong. Taxes are going down for everyone!

  5. Josh Stevens says:

    At least the Republicans read the Bill. The Dems passed failed ObamaCare without even reading it.

    • Andrew Renshaw says:

      Josh Stevens None of your fucking Republican senators read this bill. It passed on partisan bandwagoning. I’d be suprised if half of the lot were even literate.

    • Halo CE Magnum says:

      Prove to me that even *one* Republican read the entire 500 pages in like the hours.

    • Imagine says:

      ‘it’s a bad bill but at least the read it’ is what I’m hearing. The fact that they read it, knew it was bad, and passed it anyways is what makes this bad. So what if the democrats didn’t read ObamaCare, that has nothing to do with how bad this tax bill is.

    • Gigabomber says:

      tens of millions of people have been affected by the increased cost of insurance due to the healthcare act. It’s making entry level positions even harder to justify for many employers. The bill is a perfect example of how the government can’t predict the impact of their hand crafted legislation because they are too busy peacocking and taxing business owners rather than speaking to them.

    • Wut says:

      And while the majority of Congress was Republican… Whattaya know.

  6. Kerkopes says:

    The Republicans have robbed Peter (you) to pay Paul (1%)

  7. Napoleon I Bonaparte says:

    Guess who are going to lose their jobs in 2018

  8. ShaunieBNaturalista says:

    This tax bill was the quid pro quo with Vladimir Putin. Don’t just look at the Trump campaign. That corruption goes all the way down into the GOP. They are ALL guilty. They need to all GO TO JAIL.

  9. saine414 says:

    When you are losing Hahahaha, damn right…. CNN – Democrats – Liberals – YOU ARE LOSING!!!!!

    • beatkilla2626 says:

      Unless you make over 300,000 a year you are losing as well with this bill, no matter if ur rep dem or lib.. when Trump is winning doesn’t mean America is winning

    • lazyman1128 says:

      saine414 Shouldnt be a fight. Both sides should be helping each other. That is the true way to make America Great Again.

    • Christopher Montemayor says:

      @insaine404 How’s that private jet exemption goin’ for ya? (You get a piece of that, right?)

    • Eric Ramming says:

      Lol all this has done is galvanize the left while the right is fractured and infighting! You Repugnicans had to wait almost 1 year for a win!! Trump promised win after win and so far nothing but a failure. YOU ARE LOSING! Just to stupid to realize it!!

    • Edgar AguileraAguilera says:

      Laugh as this bill fucks you over while you are supposably “winning” I’m no democrat. I’m a proud republican and even I can tell when we’re getting fucked!

  10. John Smith says:

    Income taxes are immoral. The government has no right to take my labor.

  11. WAKE UP! says:

    CNN is a flipping joke and totally FAKE garbage news!

  12. Nick Zendano says:

    Fuck outta here with these liberals

  13. VincentWeir says:

    As usual, the far-left SJW Antifa terrorists are bitching and moaning about democracy. Typical modern liberalism. Go on, smash the windows at your local Starbucks. It’ll only make you look like a bad influence.

    • Littos Alive says:

      VincentWeir why do you bother with the same meaningless bullshit lies and responses to everything,even when your party fucks you. Let’s keep it real,you’re not rich,this doesn’t benefit you if it did you wouldn’t be here saying this stupid divisive shit. ACTUAL Republicans and adults don’t say meaninglessness cliché catch phrases to respond to legislation. But they have your sheeple mind where they want it. You probably really think that partisanship means something even though nearly every politician has a crew of allies and friends across either aisle. I guess when you’re poor,slightly educated,White,racist and childish,you get your kicks being a typical cuck. A brown man named Ajit Pai is about to step on your broke neck in 2 weeks,so enjoy your troll while you can. Petty pathetic poor people,hahahaha!!!

    • Rav Shaw says:

      VincentWeir Trump sucks cock

    • PureNT says:

      VicentWeir Do you like dick?

    • Exovian Scrublord says:

      VincentWeir It’s not really democratic when it’s a republic.

    • fede018 says:

      Your use of buzzwords tells me you spend too much on the internet. Go outside and take a walk around the neighborhood

  14. Gus B says:

    Hey look, CNN attacking the President and Republicans again. How odd…

    • Six Addams says:

      Well maybe the president and the republicunts should stop attacking amiercan people.

    • Yo Soy Bob Oso says:

      Gus B Why are you using the photo of a dead man named Chi-man Choi?

    • Nico _ says:

      Fox News attacks Hillary Clinton and Democrats everyday. They are probably doing it right now.

    • Kirael Valar says:

      Someone funding CNN for discrediting Trump and Republicans. Who is the funder? The members of cabal / NWO; they have no power.

    • Kirael Valar says:

      That shit created cancer and controling Big Pharma. They modified mosquito to spread disease and sell the cure. Oh they modified grains and fruits so you will get sick. CNN is just a tool to brainwashing people and controling them like sheeps.

  15. Sladinex says:

    I don’t see a single Indian statue in Elizabeth Warren’s office.

  16. Xr8dACE420 says:

    How is adding 1.5 trillion to the debut fiscally conservative?

    • FractalPrism says:

      word definitions get fuzzy after campaign bribes, i mean Lobbying.

    • gabethedizzle says:

      How is not stealing from people adding to the debt?

      Spending raises the debt

      Not spending doesn’t add to the debt

      Not taking people’s money doesn’t add to the debt.

      The debt is there because people bought shit they couldn’t afford.

    • Jacob Revels says:

      Xr8dACE420 it’s not. But let’s look at the CBO score for what it is. A terrible one sided failure of a measurement system. They haven’t predicted anything right. What’s also not fiscally conservative are tax cuts WITHOUT spending cuts. If this is all they can come up with after having each branch of government then how sad.

    • Mike Rolla says:

      Xr8dACE420 if our government was responsible it would put cuts in the budget to account for a loss of that trillion dollars. How would we balance our home budget if we had less to spend. Yes cuts to the budget.

    • Robbie Barousse says:

      Xr8dACE420 the problem with modern Republicans is they cut taxes but keep spending. If we stopped spending on things government has no place in wed be able to cut taxes

  17. windy city55 says:

    Almost as thick as Obama care. DEMOCRATS voted blindly for OBAMA CARE 🖕

  18. Darwin Penning says:

    Trump 2020! The swamp rats are sure squeeling, scurrying and spreading false tales, but the great President will soon get this country back on the right track again.

  19. peteandrickshow says:

    Now we are screwed. They can just put anything in this bill. You can kiss medicaid medicare and social security goodby. Vote these cocksuckers out in 18. They even fuck their own voters with is piece of shit bill

    • Bored Guy says:

      Sad News You’re a total idiot, now my statement makes more sense than your comment. Do you know what you’re talking about?

    • Jacob Revels says:

      I’d be ok with socialism to be voted out… you know how much money that would save? And those people on those systems deserve better. I suggest Internal state medishare. Much better quality control then this federal crap

    • Sad News says:

      Bored Guy – What exactly “makes sense”

    • King Monkey Mon says:

      peteandrickshow wow you have medicaid and medicare you really depend on the government to be your daddy huh? be grateful that we had a traitor to keep your obamacare

    • King Monkey Mon says:

      bored guy its where the government is your daddy thats what socialist means it means everyone whos has money pays for you now explain how that would decrease the debt from 10 trillions

  20. Edi Marti says:


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