Senior Clinton Advisor Won’t Commit To A New York Debate

Senior Clinton Advisor Won’t Commit To A New York Debate

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20 Responses

  1. Steamy Weasel says:

    that guy = douche canoe

  2. NHTrikker says:

    #ToneDownForWhat !

  3. Heather Detroit says:

    Negative ads i.e. Truth about Hillary. Ps not attack ads

  4. Amanda Garcia says:

    Wow the hillbots are down voting this. The reporter did a great job! Thumbs
    up from me.

  5. Dan Lech says:

    Well if speaking facts is negative campaigning, that should speak volumes
    about her as a candidate.

  6. Anik Rabbani says:

    Politics, where you don’t give straight answers.

  7. Ignat says:

    Focusing on “Cruz” lollolololollolololahahahwhwhwhwwmamamama

  8. Gale Simplicio says:

    If she’s afraid of Bernie, how would she hold up to Trump? What a coward.

  9. 2edsajdmsa says:

    And this stooge just landed himself a 7 on the Clinton hit list (google
    politico Clinton hit list)

  10. HerEyesOpen says:

    why even agree to the interview… You’re just proving how scared Hilary is

  11. Nathan Moore says:

    So what if he did run negative ads. They would be justified for all the
    lying and Shady stuff she does anyways.

  12. Abcde Fghij says:


  13. Whofan06 says:

    He barely answered the question XD She wasn’t gonna have none of it either.
    That’s all these interviews and debates are now, I swear, if I hear another
    “The real question is…” redirect…ugh.

  14. CaptainUseless says:

    Bernie doesn’t run negative ads tho….just speaks the truth!

  15. Jeremy Squires says:

    he keeps using the word negative, but I dont think it means what he thinks
    it means.

  16. moiraine_damodred says:


  17. Movie Muscle says:

    Damn, props to Kate Bulduan for challenging this pathetic weasel. The
    Clinton Camp knows very well that Hillary has been humiliated in the
    debates so far. Bernie probably won Michigan because of that Sunday debate,
    and now, they’re really worried that he has any chance of winning New York.

  18. qtherhino says:

    Fuck you joel benenson

  19. theshonen8899 says:

    Negative my ass. She’s quivering in her boots.

  20. Nayan says: