Senior Talent Show Water Bottle Flip AK 2016

Senior Talent Show Water Bottle Flip AK 2016


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20 Responses

  1. Benjamin Phillips says:

    And immediately after this video ended, thousands searched for the nearest
    water bottle

  2. Chachimorre says:

    Everything is possible

  3. ItsVince says:

    yes indeed this is bullshit but come on he’s just trynna be funny and make
    people laugh

  4. kvtassel says:

    Ok, what really makes this sad? We know about sports and the athletic
    arena. One example is basketball. Well, if you did this during a
    half-time exhibition viewers would look into themselves and give up
    basketball also.

  5. Kelvin Ambriz says:

    If he didn’t win Ima sue the school

  6. NerdBAM says:

    I was about ready to pay the asking price of $15,000 for the bottle on
    ebay… but then I noticed it was Kirkland bottled water…. I would never
    pay anything above $5,943.26 for a Kirkland bottle.

  7. jan yang brummer says:

    did he win????

  8. Justin Ng says:

    Did anyone see the eBay water bottle bid in the description? 15,000 dollars

  9. Sir_Mercury says:

    thats so…cool?

  10. JtP JustBlaque says:

    I had to like just because of Toke.

  11. Zephry Speed says:

    try throwing rain drops back into sky????

  12. Dave Kellogg says:

    This truly is magnificent!

  13. Original Gainstas says:

    wow true inspiration. phenomenal. class

  14. Katie Wingert says:

    I want to say “me” but I don’t have enough skill to relate to this

  15. Dremystic says:

    i think po people really miss the joke here

  16. TheShutYoMouth says:

    The Internet is bored as fuck.

  17. Ted Lyle says:

    I bet they all satire and cheered through the whole night

  18. Chuck Turner says:

    Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

  19. PistolManiac100 says:

    Whatever, luck is what it is. I wonder how much money he won.

  20. Aunhassa Sakullertsiranant says: