Seoul Town Road (Old Town Road Remix) feat. RM of BTS

Seoul Town Road (Old Town Road Remix) feat. RM of BTS

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

Seoul Town Road (Old Town Road Remix) feat. RM of BTS · Lil Nas X · RM · BTS

Seoul Town Road (Old Town Road Remix) feat. RM of BTS

℗ 2019 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Released on: 2019-07-24

Associated Performer: Lil Nas X feat. RM of BTS
Composer, Lyricist: Montero Lamar Hill
Other, Mixing Engineer: Joe Grasso
Composer, Lyricist: Kim Nam-joon
Other, Mastering Engineer: Eric Lagg
Composer, Lyricist: Kiowa Roukema
Producer: YoungKio
Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Michael Trent Reznor
Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Atticus Matthew Ross
Recording Engineer: Cinco

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52 Responses

  1. Here Is Haidan says:

    Manager : how many remixes do you want
    lil nas x : as many as I can to beat Despacito on top ?

  2. says:

    Imagine Namjoonah recording this with a hat on ? and JK shouting YEEHAW in the background ??

  3. Britney Depuydt says:

    I can’t believe this is real ?? This is so amazing ✌

  4. Katie Boo54 says:

    ??? Anyone like this ver. Better that the original one like i do??????

  5. Madeline Garcia says:

    Brooooo I saw it on and reddit hella confused but army we’ve made it now just add Gordon Ramsey and August d. And I can die n piece

  6. Kyu Hun Han says:

    Was never a fan of bts, but i will blast this regardless???

  7. Chirita C says:

    Lil Nas x now has army’s on his side. That’s power.

  8. Its Me says:

    i cant even listen to the song because i’m laughing to much???
    heLP mE

  9. Carolina Navas says:

    Namjoon: “I got the homies in the back”

    Also Namjoon: I can’t drive T3T

  10. Indi Smith says:

    Lil Nas: I got the horses in the back
    RM: I got the homies in the back
    Jimin: Excuse me

    • NAVINCI says:

      And im over here like “nigga you have no license you have to have either jimin or jungkook drive you around whilw youre in the back seat?”

    • le fu says:

      @NAVINCI you need no license to ride a horse ma dude. (But you need quite a long horse to fit all the homies in the back )

    • NAVINCI says:

      @le fu im talking about a care you idiot?

  11. Biamarybia says:

    Lets appreciate the purple horse that represents the army ♡

  12. Colorful Chaos says:

    The yeehaw energy is strong on this one ?✌️ come thru king ? as Jesus once said, “Giddy up girlies, yeehaw!!”

  13. Jiminie Sprout says:

    Damn Namjoon I Yeehaw you :’) anyone else love how the horse is purple?

  14. deets says:

    Lil Nas X: I’ve run out of people to collaborate with

    RM: Lol no worries at least there’s namjoon on this planet.

  15. Namjoon For the president says:


  16. Heather-Ashley says:

    Look what’s tr3nding #4 in the US! The power of BTS & ARMY!

  17. clara de Belen says:

    So bts, how many artists do u wanna collab with this year?

    Bts: YES

  18. Mariella M. says:

    Namjoon and Lil Nas: Seoul town road
    Jungkook: YeeeEEEHAW

  19. TheVideoMaker 1234 says:

    Hey Lil Nas X, if you are taking suggestions. Can you make a classical version of this song?

  20. ali says:

    me: i’m done with all of the remixes of “old town road”

    rm: hold my broken sunglasses

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