Separating Art from the Artist

Separating Art from the Artist




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  1. YXL Salah says:

    the only downside to supporting the art is the fact that you’re helping their pockets grow even after the crazy things they did, but these points are complete facts.

    • RasenKamehameha says:

      And in that scenario. I cannot endorse piracy. But I’m not going to tell you not to either. It’s up to you. Your choice. The consequences or possible lack thereof are yours.

    • Dante Toshiro64 says:

      @Spectrum Ace FR.

      It’s just so many butthurt woke political people who can’t even take or handle what he said but then again what do I know maybe it was even some people on the Alt right and conservatives that didn’t even like what Kanye said but I digress.

      I personally am just turned off by all of it from not listening to someone’s type of music or whatnot depending on what they have done IRL of course but some people for Kanye’s situation alone just blow it all out of the water too much like it ain’t that deep, who did Kanye kill and who did the man rape?

      I’m sayin twitter is wack and even after Elon is done they’ll still be wack ass people out there.

    • Marcus Loughman says:

      Yeah but they ain’t the only people getting that money, plenty of people who have probably done absolutely nothing wrong will get those royalties, but unfortunately so will absolutely terrible people. If we could live in a world were I could choose who exactly receives every cent I spend then fair enough but we don’t and just because someone might be a terrible person ain’t gonna stop me from bumping good music or watching a good movie.

    • Filet says:

      @JojoThoughts stfu you ain’t making shit

    • Cherilyn's Arts says:

      Piracy 🤙🏻 #brokegang

  2. You says:

    Separating the two is good. People really build some parasocial relationship with people they don’t personally know and they get surprised when they do anything like wtf.

  3. Sooubic says:

    You know only a Kanye fan could make an elaborate video like this about how good art is still good art regardless of who made it.

  4. Renee Wilson says:

    Degenerocity can talk about the political and economic state of the world and it would still be entertaining.

  5. Toothbrushfromnisemonogatari II says:

    As a Daft Punk fan, I wholeheartedly agree with this. Discovery is one of my favorite albums of all time, but I just can’t forgive them for being French 🤮

  6. Troy Shin says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Kanye’s music and it’s helped me get through a lot in life, but I feel like some fans need to understand that not everything he says and does is the gospel.

    • Violet Limes says:

      @Troy Shin But like, it’s not gonna be a couple less viewers, it’s just everyone telling themself that “it’s just a couple less viewers”. If everyone just put their need to justify themself aside and stopped listening to bad people it would never be just a few viewers.

    • YourCommentIsntFunnyV2 says:

      @Lord Bauer That’s what they want you to think.
      But why is Kanye being silenced? Who invented cancel culture and is causing the unrest in America?

    • Adrian Castellanos says:

      yup, I’m his #1 d rider but when he does/say something wrong you have to call him out. Overall I still love him 🤝 cause we all makes mistakes.

    • Lord Bauer says:

      @Alrulz Exactly. Death Con 3 is a “defense mechanism,” meaning he sees Jewish people as a threat that he needs to take action against.

      You literally cannot paint this any other way. 2 points for trying though.

      Edit: also, I guess we’re going to ignore the fact that he changed the term from “defcon” to “death con”…I’m sure there’s no meaning behind that, right?

    • Lord Bauer says:

      @YourCommentIsntFunnyV2 If they control America then they’re doing a pretty lousy job of furthering their own interests, lol.

      Sorry, that just doesn’t track. That’s like blaming the NRA for school shootings.

  7. hopeless joe says:

    For me, when it comes to separating art from the artist, it depends on each “art”. There are some TV shows and movies that were created by a terrible person, but it’s easy for me to separate them because they weren’t the only one who made it, there’s a whole group of people who worked on it.

  8. Marquis Falcon says:

    I feel like it’s okay to like something without liking the person behind it. And I feel like it’s also okay to dislike both. The important thing is being able to distinguish the two.

  9. Michael Tracy says:

    Degenerocity really opening his videos with art history class

  10. Smug Bow Kid says:

    I think it’s how much the artist impacts the art in particular as well, though. Usually, I’m completely fine with separating art and the artist, but when the artist is very deeply linked or sometimes straight up in the art, it’s a bit harder.

    • Kace Crimson says:

      @Stinky Uh Oh it basically inspired many concepts of the terrifying unknown that I see everywhere, plus its more of a consensus he was the father of the genre

    • Stinky Uh Oh says:

      @Kace Crimson 😂 how you know it’s fire tf bro

    • StormZ says:

      I agree fs and that’s when it gets really hard because u have to keep reminding your mind that’s what it is

    • Kace Crimson says:

      @Sunbirth they are still fire (haven’t read any)

      then again its human nature to fall in love with things that aren’t good for us.

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