Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – First Look Trailer

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – First Look Trailer

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!

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49 Responses

  1. Roy Eme says:

    “If Breath of the Wild is so good, why isn’t there a Breath of the Wild 2 ?”
    Nintendo : hold my beer

  2. Mitchell Johnson says:

    Zelda: “open your eyes”
    Ganon’s eyes crack open
    Zelda: “not those eyes lol”

  3. MEOWhiicat says:

    Ganondorf: I am, I N E V I T A B L E
    Link: Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

  4. CL Ashton says:

    Absolutely nobody:

    Nintendo: Takes E3 away from everyone else

  5. Aurora Dusk says:

    Me: Animal Crossing was the highlight for me, nothing else can get me as excited.

    Nintendo: *shows this*

    Me: *Complete hype meltdown*

    • Eshaki FT says:

      Aurora Dusk Animal Crossing for the switch was called “Animal Crossing 2019”

      Release date: March 2020

  6. Bl4z1ng Dr4g0n2 says:

    Seems to be a lot darker than BotW. Majora’s Mask/Twilight Princess style.

    I’m interested.

    • IC: Jackie;3 says:

      EpicFish then this will def be darker. This is like ocarina of time and majora’s mask. This game will definitely be better too

    • Bl4z1ng Dr4g0n2 says:

      @IC: Jackie;3 BofW gameplay, with a Majora’s Mask style story and some classic-style dungeons. Nintendo would need to hire out 17 factories to meet demand.

    • Bl4z1ng Dr4g0n2 says:

      @Kathleen Laine I’m interested in what it might be called…

    • A D says:

      EpicFish It’s not that dark on the surface though. Dig a bit deeper and it’s moderately dark but you’ve still got the nightlight on. This seems like it’ll be a lot darker than BoTW.

    • Lemuel Delvalle says:

      Mostly Twilight Princess.

  7. Bat_Sime says:

    Me : *finish 100/100 botw*
    Wow i have nothing to do now

    Nintendo : hold my reggie

  8. Olliwer says:

    Link: Phew, finally defeated Ganon!

    Ganon: *I’m about to end this mans whole career*

  9. Rudö Lünderlänk says:

    Player after finishing BOTW: Have I killed Ganon now?

    Nintendo: Well yes but actually no

  10. Lord Revan says:

    Link and Zelda

    “How many times we gotta teach you this lesson old man”

  11. ‘Hen/-tai’ says:

    Zelda: So did we finally defeat Ganon?
    Ganon: Yesn’t

  12. Master of all Cephalopods: Comrade Zulaski Kaitzo says:

    ‘Oh look, another troll video.’

    *Sees that this is the REAL Nintendo channel.*

  13. Grandmaster JayD says:

    Gamers: “BotW has great gameplay, but the story’s weak.”
    Nintendo: ” *BET* “

  14. Michael Boi says:

    Link: Are you dead now

    Gannon: Well yes but actually no

  15. Logan Pugh says:

    BoTW: *You have finally defeated Ganon!*

    Link and Zelda: *Press X to doubt*

  16. Zelda Nerd says:

    I’m Screaming!
    And I thought it was a Monk from the shrines…
    Hyrule is screwed…

  17. The Fallen Hero says:

    Link and Zelda: Go traveling.
    Creepy Malice-powered skeleton:
    I’m about to end these guys’ whole careers.

  18. CookieClover says:

    Link: kills ganon
    Ganon: now Im about to do what’s called a pro-gamer move

  19. Valet says:

    “Thanks for defeating me, but Ganon is in another castle.”

  20. MauGamer42 says:

    Link: *kills Ganon*
    Ganon: *comes back to life*
    Link: “Wait, that’s ilegal”

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