Sequels That Aren’t Sequels (The Sequel)

Sequels That Aren’t Sequels (The Sequel)

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Today we finish what we started last week, with the help of a surprise special guest, and another guest that is neither special nor a surprise, and is also made of cardboard.

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A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

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64 Responses

  1. Matt Miller says:

    omg he actually made

    • Kerri Wise says:

      Aaaaahhhhh!!! That’s the first thing I checked! Fantastic!

    • Kayla Stern says:

      heck yeah!

    • blegh says:

      ok but imagine, like 30 years from now someone finds that website on like wayback machine not knowing anything about it, the person is like what the fuck, they text their friends being like oh hey check out this weird website i found, it becomes infamous in their school later its spreads all over the world, one if the internets greatest mysteries, what its ? nobody knows, hundreds of reddit threads, thousands of tweets, but its still a mystery, untill one day, someone is browsing youtube and comes across this video they have a couple of laughs but wait suddenly they see the schwarzenegger cut out they think to themselves, could it be? no, they watch the whole video hoping for another clue, something to finally close this case and then a (metaphorical) ray of light suddenly shines as the ad read plays, and they realise that this whole time that website was just a fucking ad

    • Panda Gal says:

      Da faq?

    • Dott G says:

      “Please do not ask me to put on a shirt, as I do not own any. ”

  2. Alexis Henderson says:

    0:46 holy trinity Cody Ko/Danny Gonzalez/Drew Gooden crossover??

  3. Zarna Shah says:

    make a “Unnecessary Prequels, The Prequel” to complete an unnecessary trilogy.

  4. Scott Cramer says:

    Not excited for the day that Drew quits youtube to become a full-time writer. I know it’s going to happen, and probably relatively soon, but I don’t want it to.

  5. Jesse MacIntyre says:

    you should review the tooth fairy and the tooth fairy 2.

  6. lucy miller says:

    Sequels we didn’t need: Tik tok

  7. Charlie Cat says:

    Haha “ The janitor from Zack and Cody” cause how we all know him

  8. Muhammad Mirsab says:

    11:05 not even the same actor? Right?? WTH

  9. Liv Raen says:

    if he drove up north for snow, why didn’t he just buy the toy up north?

  10. jerrey n says:

    you’re missing the worst one…

    mean girls 2

  11. yuisaway says:

    I cannot believe this man makes me watch an ad read because i dont want to miss out on any jokes

  12. U WOT M8 says:

    She said she is going to dedicate herself to killing other killers… she didn’t kill any more killers after that promise. Wtf.

    • Jojo siwa Is 5’9 says:

      U WOT M8 well you know, that scene wasn’t even supposed to happen cause it was unrelated to the movie they were making in the first place

    • MelancholyRoses says:

      +Jojo siwa Is 5’9 doesn’t mean they couldn’t have come up with something that made sense. It should’ve been that if it was so easy for her to kill the world’s most notorious serial killer at 12 years-old then it was obviously her calling~ to be a better serial killer etc.

    • Jojo siwa Is 5’9 says:

      MelancholyRoses I never said it made sense man. It’s sloppy

    • Mckenna Reasor says:

      Jojo siwa Is 5’9 Your user name makes me so uncomfortable. How did I not know that little girl was taller than me?

  13. Miink says:

    Make a sequels that aren’t sequels 3 that’s just a completely unrelated video

  14. August A says:

    Squirrels that aren’t squirrels (the squirrel)

  15. Loaf of Tofu says:

    Words cannot describe how disappointed I am over the fact that this video was an actual sequel.

  16. Just some more Yeemo trash says:

    i love that he’s fully aware that 90% of us also watch danny ?

  17. Lord Parbr says:

    *promises to dedicate her life to killing killers. Only kills innocent people.*

  18. Sean Nettleton says:

    I didn’t notice when Drew changed to Danny until he pointed it out.

  19. Casey Gerczak says:

    I legit thought you edited in the music for that ending shot in American Psycho 2 as a joke but nope lolol. Its like they were ending a teen comedy lmao

  20. Amanda Delaney says:

    the closing shot looks like that meme of the little girl smiling in front of the burning house

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