Series 10 Trailer – Doctor Who

Series 10 Trailer – Doctor Who

“To the TARDIS!” Join the Doctor, Bill and Nardole in ‘The Pilot’ on 15th April on BBC One and BBC America. #TimeForHeroes

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20 Responses

  1. 12345 6789 says:

    Series 10 is looking to be a really great series, Peter Capaldi is amazing and I have no doubt that the next doctor will be too. This trailer looks awesome and I really hope the Matt and pearl are great companions. Series 9 was brilliant and so were the 8 series’s that came before that, and so were all the classics and the movie. I hope they use the Mondasion Cybermen right though, and I also hope that this years story arc will be amazing, as series 9 seemed to lack a good one, mind you the episodes in series 9 were top notch but the story arc fell flat. Because this is Moffat’s last season, I don’t think he will shy away from the climax of the series and I think this one could be a whopper!
    I’m ready for Series 10, Geronimo.
    (P.s. I will be doctor who show runner by 2020, if anyone has any story arc suggestions, get in touch, I may put you on my writers list).

  2. Oliver Linklater says:

    this was leaked

  3. Joep Kneyber says:

    What’s the exterminate human???? i now wanna now!!!!
    dalek, human or alien?

  4. crabstickz says:


  5. joshua powell says:

    im not a fan of the lighter tonne in comparison to season 9 and 8

  6. thedoctorand says:

    Felt like Rory waiting for the next series.

  7. Seány 2209 says:

    0:15 oh the cringe

  8. The Garnetto says:

    what does bill say the tardis is like about 10 seconds in?

  9. CaptainActually1 says:

    Yay! Missy’s back! And the weird OG Cybermen?

  10. Tom Monty says:

    Not a huge fan of Bill from what we’ve seen in the trailers.
    Hopefully she’ll be gone by Series 11 so that Chris Chibnall gets an easier job in giving the show it’s much needed clean-slate.

  11. The Garnetto says:

    Oh Missy, you’re so fine
    You’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Missy,
    Hey Missy!

  12. Lawson Whitford says:

    Mondasian Cybermen?
    The Flood? Are they Daleks?
    Female ice warriors?
    Classic Sonic?

  13. crstanley84 says:

    Who’s sonic has matt luca’s got?

  14. Benny H Reviews says:

    I’m not a Moffat fan but hey, it looks like it possibly might be alright.

    Also, David Suchet and classic Cybermen. So they’d have to try really hard to mess it up.
    (Same could be said for Hell Bent but oh well, it’s Doctor Who so I’ll obviously give it a chance, lol)

  15. Gallifrey 57 says:

    Why do they show space-flight clips from The Doctor’s Wife in every trailer?

  16. 94830 086436 says:

    OK, just going to point out a few things. Bill said Mars. The Flood, anyone? Also, Nardole got a sonic screwdriver! Wow. I am totally hyped!!!

  17. Time Lordian01 says:

    anyone else see a classic screwdriver?

  18. TheAwesome Alie says:

    Series 10 looks epic! The return of classic monsters such as the Pyroviles, the Ice Warriors etc. makes me eager to watch the WHOLE of Series 10 unlike  Series 9. The new companion Bill looks amazing and I really hope she turns out to be “the next Donna Noble”. I’m really excited for Nardole. I feel like he is going to be a funny companion who will serve the comedic role compared to the Doctor. I also feel like Series 10 will be a great last series for Peter Capaldi, he will go out will a bang although I have a sneaking suspicion that somehow Missy could be involved in the Doctor’s regeneration. Don’t forget to tune in to Doctor Who on BBC One which premieres on the 15th April 2017.

  19. Mephostopheles says:

    I hope Bill is normal for a change. Like, we had Rose, and that was cool. Then we had Martha with her crazy crush. Then Donna with the whole “most important woman” thing (although we all loved Donna anyway, because Donna). Then there was Amy and Rory with the River Song fiasco. Finally, we had Clara. Oh, Clara… I loved you, but damn did they milk your character for longer than they should have. As soon as the Impossible Girl thing was over, they should’ve just left her as a regular companion for as long as she stuck around, and then either kill her off or (more pleasantly) have her LEAVE. Like MARTHA did. Like SARAH JANE. Like freaking IAN AND BARBARA.

    Bill, I have high expectations, but high hopes as well. Don’t let us down.

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